Do Bananas Help you in Poop?

Most people are doubtful about the use of banana for treating constipation. It all depends on how we eat the banana if yellow it revives from constipation and if green causes constipation.
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Among the many digestive system troubles, experienced in daily life, Constipation is one of the most common. Constipation is a worldwide problem that has affected every age group regardless of gender. Mostly elders and people who consume less fiber, vegetables, and fluids suffer difficulty in the removal of bowels. Constipation is an infrequent bowel movement i.e., inability to pass stools for several days or weeks. It is unsatisfactory deification due to hard and dry stools which cause difficulty in its passage from rectum and anus. In simple words, constipation is a situation where a person finds difficulty in passing stools. He/she may also experience a change in the frequency in passing stools caused by stress, piles, poor diet, or faulty lifestyles. In most cases, constipation is cured by simple modifications in the way of living.

How To know You Are Constipated?

The digestive system maintains a balance between the incoming food and outgoing matter.  The frequency of bowel movements depends on factors like diet, lifestyle, health, and thus varies from person to person. The normal range of passing stools in adults is between three times a day and three times a week. Babies often have three or four bowel movements per day and children twice or thrice per day.  When the undigested matter is not eliminated it disturbs and upsets the system. Thus if a person is constipated his/her stools passing frequency will vary from the normal range. And research says if a person is struggling from constipation he/she had passed stools thrice or less than thrice a week.

Symptoms Of Constipation

Constipation if not treated quickly can be very annoying and uncomfortable. If you are constipated you can experience the following symptoms…

1. Fewer than 3 Stools a week.

2. Dry, lumpy, and hard stools.

3. Bad Smelling/ Sulfur Burps.

4. Stomach or abdominal pain.

5. The sudden occurrence of piles.

6. Bloody Stools.

7. Feeling a blockage in your rectum.

8. Straining to pass stools.

9. Feeling constipated even after passing stools.

10. obnoxious Farts.

Correct Position While Sitting in Toilet

Body posture plays a very important role while sitting on the toilet seat. If you are constipated then just by changing your toilet sitting position your toilet visit can be pleasant. Generally, there are two types of toilets seats the western water closet and the squatting pan. A study reveals that in a squatting position it requires less pressure to pass stools as compared to sitting position on western toilet seats. For a smooth bowel movement, the rectum needs to relax. However, in a sitting posture, the body makes a 90degree angle that causes a contraction in the rectum. Thus making it difficult to poop. While in a squatting posture the rectum relaxes which allows comfortable passage of stools.

Before uprooting your western toilet try this hack to achieve the desired squatting position. Next time when you visit the toilet carry a step stool. Place your feet on the step stool while seating on the toilet seat. This will elevate your feet making squat position.

Banana For Constipation

For immediate relief doctors prescribe laxatives against constipation.  But laxative doesn’t cure the underlying cause. Nature is a great chemist and its various components are the answer to the problems of humans. Natural products are cheap, easily available, and provide long term side effect free treatment. There is an astronomical range of natural remedies for treating constipation but banana proves to be most effective. Banana is a tropical and subtropical fruit that makes it easily available and affordable. The high rich content of fiber in banana makes it very effective in the treatment of constipation. Fibres increase the water content and the proliferation of bacteria that produces softer and frequent stools. Thus increasing the bowel movements.

Ripen Or Green Bananas | Which is Best for Constipation?

Most of the people are doubtful about the use of bananas for treating constipation. Many articles on various platforms claim that bananas are responsible for causing constipation. On the contrary, many believe that because of its fiber content banana standout in the range of remedies. Thus banana turns to be a controversial food. To uncover the controversy let us consider two types of bananas the ripen Banana and the unripe Banana i.e., green Banana. The ripen banana contains dietary fiber which helps to facilitate the smooth passage of stools. On the other hand, the green banana has a high content of amylase resistant starch which is of indigestible nature that worsens constipation. Make sure not to consume green banana if constipated. Thus the ripe banana doesn’t constipate. Its fiber helps to combat constipation and makes the stools pass more easily. So it all depends on how we eat the banana if green it causes constipation and if ripe it relieves.

Foods That Aids To Revive Constipation

There are no quick methods to cure constipation. Preferring natural laxative proves to be far more effective for uprooting constipation. This gut-related condition is not a disease but is the result of our faulty lifestyle. Using over counter laxatives clears the stools but weakens the muscles.  Moreover, in the long term laxatives do more harm than good. The only healthy remedy lies in the modification of diet and regular exercise. Involving the following foods in your diet will allay your pain…

1. Yoghurt and kefir.

2. Prunes.

3. Whole grain bread, Wheat bran

4. Flaxseed.

5. Apples, pears, plums.

6 Broccoli.

7. Raisins, figs.

8. Kidney beans, navy beans, pinto beans, lima bean.

9. Popcorn.

10. Strawberries, blackberries, Raspberries.


Constipation is not at all pleasant it is a real problem and people are facing difficulty dealing with it. In most cases, proper diet, regular exercise, and keeping hydrated prove to be the solution for constipation. Thus including a ripe banana in your diet will make your toilet experience a lot more pleasant.

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