Why My Eyes Are Going Deeper? | What To Do?

Many think sunken eyes is due to aging but young people have sunken eyes due to external factors. Read here How To Get Rid Of Sunken Eyes.
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Thousands of poems, lakhs of songs, countless quotes, and adjectives. Yet nobody can claim to have perfectly narrated the magic of beautiful eyes. Blue as a tranquil ocean, green as an emerald, brown as earth, steady as gray, or sophisticated as black. Luke 11:34 says,” Your eye is the lamp of your body. When your eyes are healthy, your whole body also is full of light. But when it is poor, your body is full of darkness”.

The gorgeous colors of eyes are as intriguing as diverse. Those coupled with delicate curves and endless lashes and beautiful eyebrows that is all it needs to sweep a human off his feet.

The human eye is considered the most sensitive part of the body owing to the greatest density of nerve fibers in the cornea. Apart from being the lamp of everyone’s life. They emote, they sparkle, they laugh, they cry, they tell a story and with every look, they leave us swooning.

What Are Sunken Eyes?

The skin under your eyes is thinner as compared to the various body parts. This indicates that it is unable to retain moisture and is more prone to drying out. This delicate skin under your eye can sometimes occur dark, sunken, and hollow.

Sunken eyes are also known as tear troughs hollow are a result of the laxity of skin around the eyes and atrophy of fat surrounding the eyeballs. These changes are related to aging, dehydration, and lack of sleep.

According to cosmetic surgeon Dr. Vinod Vij, “Faulty food habits, prolonged fasting, and starvations result in lack of nutrition as in severe long term illness. This leads to loss of skin fat, firmness, making skin under the eyes thin and wrinkled.

If you are suffering from the same go on reading to know different causes of sunken eyes and the most effective home remedies to cure sunken eyes.

How To Know Your Eyes Are Going Deeper Into Your Face?

Most people begin to notice sunken eyes by the age of their late 30s or 40s.  The case with Sunken eyes or deeper eyes is they go on worsening if not treated. However, we can stop the progress of sinking. Thus keep a check on the following symptoms before it’s too late…

1. Dark Circles under the eyes.

2. Puffy Skin under the eyes.

3. A dark patch under the lower eyelid.

4. A tiring look on the face.

5. Wrinkles under the eyes.

6. Thin-looking skin under the eyes.

What Causes Sunken Eyes?

Sunken eyes may be a result of too many factors but mostly it owes to your lifestyles, ranging from hectic to sedentary. And the effects are worsened by the stress factor that sits deep in our lives today. Granted, many factors are part and parcel of life, which can be done away with.

It is believed that Sunken eyes could be because of either of the three prime causes- dehydration, malnourishment, light, or tiredness. But poor lifestyle habits, dehydration, stress, Aging, weight loss, lack of sleep also play a vital role in eye hollowing. Having said that I will try to explain to you the causes of Sunken eyes.

1. Lack Of Rest/Sleep

Living in small or big cities has developed a habit of night owls, often to entertain together, of course, do not rule out someone staying up late to work overtime, learning, etc. Staying up all night will cause eye fatigue leading to free radical eye damage, poor eye blood circulation, dull skin. This results in the hollowing of eyes.

Life goal is not the same, but in any case, it is best to develop good habits, it should be done during day time. It is time to rest at night, this is the law of human life. The human body needs 7-8 hours of continuous sleep to repair and nourish every part of your body. The absence of sleep will make you look tired, bring dark circles around the eyes and your eyes become sunken.

2. Excessive Fatt Loss

Lossing a lot of fat in a small interval of time can make your skin snaggy and sunk. There is a pad of fat around the eye that acts as a cushion and prevents injury from the impact against orbital bones. If body fat is reduced the fat behind the eyes also thins resulting in sunken eyes.  In such cases, the veins around your eyes also become visible.

3. Dehydration

The truth is insufficient water intake is also one of the most common causes of sunken eyes. Water helps in flushing the toxins from your system and thereby reducing the amount of salt concentration in and around the eye area.

Also, hydration doesn’t mean replacing the water intake with soda or carbonated drinks. Just stick to water and natural juices without additives. Make sure you also avoid the consumption of coffee and caffeinated beverages.

4. Light

The primary cause of sunken is light. If a person is not able to tolerate light then he tries to save the eyes by squinting them almost shut with the eyelids. This provides relief and better vision to the person. The unnatural pressure on the eyeballs starts pushing it back into the socket. Behind the eyeball, there is a lot of space bordered by the brain at the back.

This intolerance to bright light is made severe by incorrectly prescribed glasses or  Wearing Zero Power Glasses. This puts more pressure on the eyeballs resulting in sunken eyes.

5. Genetics

The eyes rest in the orbits (eye sockets) and are padded by orbital fat. Their position depends on your genetics, which controls the depth of your orbits and the amount of fat around the eyeballs. The eye appears sunken in certain people with a smaller amount of fat, deeper orbit, or more prominent brow.

6. Allergies

They might be seasonal or can occur year-round. In some cases, they are genetically acquired. You can necessary precautions to stay away from agents who cause it.

7. Make-up

The skin toxins in skin care cosmetics and skin-medicating products are a potential cause of sunken eyes. An alarming number of products contain skin-harming toxins responsible for sunken eyes.

8. Aging

The skin under the eyes is very thin and delicate. As the years go by, it gets even thinner, making the blood vessels more visible in this area. And with old age, your skin losses collagen, and hence your eyes sunk.

9. Sun Exposure

Increased sun exposure can result in pigmentation of the skin’s surface and dark circles under the eyes. Prolonged exposure to sunlight produces more melanin around the eyes than usual.

Excessive melanin in the epidermis makes the skin brown that makes the eye sunken. This is why Sun Protection is crucial.

10. Cigarettes And Alcohols

They both can show up on your face leaving dark circles and sunken eyes. This is why everybody recommends making sure you don’t exaggerate with alcohol/cigarettes, so avoid smoking and drinking.

Also, these habits usually are related to standing up late at night which is badly reflected on the skin.

11. Nutritional Deficiency

Sunken eyes may also be due to improper nutrition. The solution is to start eating a healthy and nutritious diet rich in vitamins and minerals.

How To Prevent Further Deepening Of Eyes?

Many people think that the sunken eye is due to aging and is a problem that occurs after middle-aged people. But we found today a lot of young people have sunken eyes owing to faulty lifestyles.

It is better to stop the progress of eye sinking by taking the following precautions before it’s too late…

  • Cell Phone

The cell phone is the main culprit leading to sunken eyes. The current smartphone we used to play mobiles, reading novels, etc. And some stay up all night lying down and watching may be NetFlix. The light damages the eyes causing dizziness and eye pain resulting in sunken eyes.

  • Staring At Computer Or TV Screen

Staring at TV or computer screens for long hours may lead to myopia, astigmatism, cataract, and more. The glare of the television light reflected on the eyes is harmful and may be held responsible for sunken eyes.

So it is usually good to reduce the time of watching computer screens as well as to maintain a correct posture. Also, keep a safe distance from the TV.

  • Avoid Replacing Carbonated Drinks With Water and Juices

Start cutting down completely on all those carbonated drinks and unhealthy sugars. They do no good to you. These drinks give the illusions of hydrating you and keep you away from the essential daily intake of fluids.

  • Increased EyeSight

Keep a check on your eyesight and regularly visit an optometrist because an increased lens number puts undue pressure on the eyeballs.

Check here Signs & Symptoms That Indicate your Eyesight Changed

  • Avoid Direct Sunlight

Protect the eye from sunlight, always wear shades or  Zero Power Glasses. Invest in UV protective lenses and dark colors to avoid squinting.

Add The Following In Your Daily Routine

Making the changes or adding the following to your lifestyle will help in stopping the further sinking of eyes…

  • Adequate Lightening

Try not to read in dim light or without glasses unless you can without trouble. Make sure the surrounding is adequately lighten when reading.

  • Take A Break

If you work on computers for longs hours make a habit to take breaks and go out to see natural greenery. If possible keep artificial green leaves or some other green object that may occasionally divert your views from the computer.

  • Healthy Diet

It is recommended to start eating some healthy food like green vegetables and fruits. Basically containing a good amount of calcium, iron, and vitamin K.

  • Vegetable Protein

Increase the consumption of fresh yogurt and other dairy products, sprouts, cereals, and foods high in vegetable protein (lentils, beans, peas, quinoa, brown rice, beets, oatmeal).

  • Regular Eye Flushing

Release fatigue from eyes by regular flushing, starting with warm water first and ending the procedure with cold water. You can also use rose water as it is beneficial for the skin and has the ability to relieve tension in the eyes.

  • Refresh Eyes

Chill 1 cucumber/potato in the refrigerator. Cut 2 thick slices off the chilled cucumber/potato. Place the slices over your eyes, make sure to cover the dark circles. Leave on for 20mins or if possible overnight.

  • Regular Physical And Breathing Exercises

Practicing one or more sports disciplines can only have a beneficial effect on the life processes of the whole organism. As you already know, good health also reflects on the appearance and condition of the skin

Yoga and breathing exercises promote blood circulation, regulate blood pressure, reduces stress and tension from the body and spirit.

  • Proper Application Of The Cream

Always choose a cream specially formulated for the area around your eyes. Avoid massaging the area around your eyes when applying the eye cream can only damage the skin. Instead, it is recommended to tenderly and delicately touch the problem areas with slight tapping movements using the fingertips.

Under no circumstances apply a facial mask to the area around your eyes, as it is way more sensitive than the other facial skin and it is quite possible to get irritated.

  • Elevated Head While Sleeping

Elevate your head when sleeping. This will help keep excess fluids from accumulating around your eyes, giving you that fresh puffy look when you wake.

Home Remedies For Treating Sunken Eyes

You don’t need to spend hundreds and thousands for the treatment of dark circles, just to grab things from your kitchen…

1. Rose Water

Rosewater contains flavonoids, vitamin C and A, anti-inflammatory properties, and is a natural astringent that is very rejuvenating for the skin.  Soak rose water in cotton pads and keep it in your eyes for 15minutes. Repeat this procedure 2-3times daily for a few weeks

2. Cucumber

Probably one of the most commonly known remedies out there for puffy eyes, cucumbers are full of antioxidants and flavonoids that help reduce redness, irritation, and swelling. For a soothing eye treatment, place a few thin slices of cucumber in the fridge until chilled, then place one slice over each eye for at least 30 minutes. Your eyes will feel very refreshed and appear less puffy. Repeat twice a day for a week and see the visible changes.

3. Raw Potato

Don’t have any cucumber on hand? Try some potato slices instead! Potatoes will stay colder longer. Potato has a natural bleaching agent and. natural astringent quality that lightens the dark circles and excess puffiness around the eyes.

Grate chilled potato to extract the juice. Soak cotton pads in juice, keep them in the dark circles for 15mins and then rinse with water. Do this 2-3 times daily every week.

4. Almond Oil

Apply almond oil under your eyes to improve the sunken eyes and lighten the dark circles. Mix almond oil with vitamin E oil as it has natural ingredients which lighten the dark circles.

The almond oil acts as a collagen booster that repairs the damaged under-eye skin and muscles. Gently apply the almond oil every night before sleeping.

5. Turmeric Powder And  Pineapple

Apply a paste of turmeric powder with pineapple juice and rinse it after 5mins with water. Do it 2-3 a week. Make sure not to get the paste into the eyes.

6. Egg Whites

take an egg white and gently whisk it until slightly fluffy, then apply a generous amount under your eyes with either a small brush or fingertip. Let the egg whites sit for 10-15 minutes, or until they are dry, then gently rinse off with cool water. This will help naturally tighten up the skin around your eyes, and help stimulate circulation.

7. Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera contains 18 essential amino acids, which are amazing for your skin, and also contains antibacterial and anti-fungal properties which can help soothe tired, puffy eyes. Dab a small amount of aloe vera gel under the eyes to soothe, moisturize, and help reduce puffiness.

8. Multani Soil

Mix 1 spoon of rose water and the same quantity of Multani soil. Apply it around your eyes and after it dries out. Gently rinse it with water. Make sure the mixture doesn’t enter your eyes.

9. Sandalwood

It helps in improving the skin complexion and it adds radiance to the skin. You can apply the sandalwood paste in the dark circle or go with the sandalwood essential oil.

10. Tea Bags

Teabags are rich in flavonoids and antioxidants. Thus using teabags improves sunken eyes by promoting blood circulation. The darker and sore skin gets replenished with improved blood circulation. It also helps the eye muscles and soothes the nerves.

Allow the tea bag to cool in the fridge and then place the chilled tea bag on your clean face. Keep it on your undereye for about 15-20mins. Do it regularly.

11. Castor Oil

The castor oil has antioxidant that eliminates the free radicals that are responsible for your under-eye dark and dull. Take a few drops of castor oil on your fingertips and massage gently on the affected area for  2-5mins. Do this procedure every night until the sunken eyes fade away.

12. Fish Oil

Fish oil is rich in omega fatty acids that aid in maintaining the optimum health of the skin. The oil has anti-inflammatory properties and also promotes the healing of damaged cells.

For better results massage the affected areas gently every night before going to sleep.

13. Ice Water Or Cold Yogurt

Apply ice water or cold yogurt directly on the closed lids for 10 minutes. Ice water or cold yogurt compresses are amazingly beneficial for reducing the puffiness and dark circles around the skin.

 14. Tomato Juice

Tomatoes are known to actually possess powerful bleaching properties which will lighten skin very effectively. Know various ways to remove Skin Tan Using Tomatoes.

Gently apply tomato juice on your dark circles and allow to settle for 10mins. After it dries rinse it off with cool water. Follow this remedy twice a day for 2-3 weeks to see the visible results.

Eye Exercises You Need To Do To Treat Sunken Eyes

We spent most of the time with gadgets that restrict our eye movement and create stress in the eyes. Stress is one of the causes of sunken eyes can be overcome by doing the following exercise

1. Temple Dancer Eyes

The temple dancer’s eye movements exercise the ring muscles of your eyes, helping to prevent sagging, without damaging the tissues around the eyes. Simply hold your head erect and still, and dart your eyes from side to center to the other side. Repeat the movements  5 times.

2. Eye Squeeze

The eye squeeze exercise tones the entire eye area, with special emphasis on the upper and lower eyelids, as well as the hollows beneath the lower lids. Tightly squeeze your eyes closed while counting to five. Quickly pop opens your eyes, then count to five while rushing your gaze quickly from left to center to right and back again. Perform 10 repetitions.

3. Lid Lift

The lid lift exercise is recommended to build, strengthen, and firm the region beneath the lower eyelids. It improves circulation, helping you to appear years younger. Use the three middle fingers of your hands to pull down your lower eyelids. At the same time, try to shut close your upper eyelids. Maintain that position for three seconds. Repeat the movements 10 times, five days a week, for best results.

4. Pranayams

Most importantly, beat stress by doing pranayamas once a day with occasional rubbing of your palms and placing them warm around your eyes like a cup.

5. Shirshasana (Headstand Pose)

You can practice it for 1min to a maximum of 5mins in the beginning. After a good practice, you can increase the duration. Shirshasana improves blood circulation and brain functioning. It relaxes the mind and also releases anxiety.

You can also include the following exercises in your daily routine for better results…

1. Secure the corner of the eyes by middle and index fingers. Then lookup. Pull the lower eyelid up. Do it for 3-5secs and then repeat the same with closed eyes.

2. Lock eye corners with your two fingers. And then blink eyes one by one.

3. Draw a figure “8” by your eyeballs with closed eyes.

4. Open your eyes as wide as possible without straining the other muscles of the face. Make sure that the rest of the muscles on the face are not strained, otherwise, it will lead to the formation of additional wrinkles.


One should be mindful of the risk involved when considering surgery plus loads of money one has to pay. The good news is sunken eyes can be taken care of with the remedies given above. Though it is not a quick fix but is worth giving a try. And surely will give results over time. The key is to be calm and give it a try.

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