Why COVID-19 Patients At More Risk To White Fungus And How Do They Prevent It?

Patients recovering from COVID-19 are more susceptible to White Fungus Infection. Check here how to prevent White Fungus Infection.

With Doctors trying hard to contain the spread of Coronavirus and  Black Fungus Infection, a fungus named White Fungus came as a bolt from the blue for the Indian citizens.

The second wave of the Corona Virus has just slowed down and the 3rd wave on the verge owing to the discovery of a new virus strain in India. And just when the Government was dealing with the Black Fungus epidemic, another Fungal infection named White Fungus also dubbed as Aspergillosis has started to spread its wings in India.

In such a situation questions are raised about …What is a White fungus Infection, how White fungus differs from Black fungus. And how to avoid these infections.

What Is White Fungus Infection?

What Is White Fungus Infection?

It is an Infection in which there is a formation of whitish membranes or sheaths caused by a candida group of organisms. According to Health experts, the White fungus is four times more deadly than the black fungus. According to the data released it mostly damages the lungs and sinuses.  And also has severe effects on the kidney, brain, stomach, intestines, and private organs.

The health officials of Bihar have confirmed 4 cases of White Fungus in the state’s capital Patna. According to Doctors, this figure can be increased further. The four cases are hospitalized and so far no news of fatality has been released. It is not yet clear whether the virus has spread to other states as well. According to Doctors, this figure can be increased further

Symptoms Of White Fungus Infection?

Symptoms Of White Fungus Infection

As per the data released by the health officials, Covid-19 like symptoms were seen in the 4 cases of Patna. But the Covid-19 reports of all the patients were negative. According to, Dr. Kumar senior consultant & head of respiratory medicine Paras Hospital, the symptoms of White Fungus can be diagnosed through a CT scan or X-ray.

Symptoms include

  • Fever.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Cough.
  • Weakness.
  • Breathing Issues.
  • Small, painless bumps on the skin.

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How White Fungus Infection Is Caused?

Causes of White Fungus Infection


It is caused when people with low immunity come in contact with the object that contains these fungal molds. Dr. Kumar said the principal cause of White Fungus Infection is been detected in tap water used in the humidifier attached to an oxygen cylinder given to the patients. Further, overuse of steroids and non-sanitization of the ventilators and oxygen cylinders heighten the risk of white fungus infection.

How Covid-19 Patients Are At Risk?

Covid-19 Patients and White Fungus

White Fungus infection is caused by Candida. It normally lives inside the body, in areas like the mouth, throat, gut, and vagina, without any interference. However, individuals with low immunity, like recovering patients of the Corona, are particularly at high risk of contracting the White Fungal Infection. As they are injected with heavy steroids which reduces their immunity making them prone to fungal infection.

The doctor advised, “Those who have weak immunity like diabetes, cancer patients, and those who are taking steroids for a long period of time must take special care as they are more at risk.”

 Who Are At High Risk For Developing these Infection Includes

  • People who have recently spent a lot of time in ICU.
  • Persons with cancer, low WBC count, diabetes, high blood pressure, organ transplant.
  • Persons who had a lot of antibiotics or steroids recently?
  • People who are on dialysis.

Prevention And Treatment Of White Fungus Infection

The CDC has recommended ‘wearing protective clothing such as gloves, long sleeves while touching plant matter that can cause minor cuts’. Wearing a mask while venturing out, especially in open areas like gardens, dusty areas, or areas where you might come across garbage dumps.

Dr. NK Singh, Head Of The Microbiology Department Of PMCH, told the news channel in a recent interview, anti-fungal medications are given to the 4 patients. And all 4 patients have reacted positively to the treatment. At the moment, all the patients are stable and the health experts are testing different drugs for the prevention of this spread of White Fungus Infection.

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