Why I Have Not Regained Taste After Being COVID-19 Negative? How To Bring It Back

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Hope mate you are doing fine…and yes a big relief you have made through the Devil CORONA…


Loss of taste and smell have become two very prominent symptoms associated with COVID-19, other than the usual symptoms we’ve known from the beginning that is, fever, cough, weakness, breathing issues, and sore throat. Up to 80% of people who tested positive for Corona Virus have subjective complaints of smell or taste loss.

Loss of smell during and after respiratory virus isn’t new. Usually, post-viral smell loss includes a runny nose or nasal symptoms. This is not the case with Covid-19, where smell and taste arrive before any respiratory symptoms. Coronavirus is a unique type of respiratory virus with quick access to the nervous system.

Smell and taste are chemical stimuli that are mostly perceived in viral infections. And the loss of taste in Covid-19 is linked to the loss of smell because 90% of the taste is really retronasal smelling.

Now the data from recovered patients is showing that many may not recover those senses after testing negative for the disease. This is called as Long Covid symptoms. It can last from six months to year also. As far the issue is concern, there are 30-50 % chances of spontaneous recovery of taste and smell without taking any treatment. Let us get into the dicussion more depper so that you get all the answers related to regaining your taste and smell.

Will the Covid-19 Negative Patient Get their Sense Of Taste And Smell Back?

Yes, they definitely will. But the duration after which they regain their sense of smell and taste may vary from patient to patient. Now this may depend upon the severity of Corona Virus infection one has suffered through, patients age and many other factors.

For most patients, smell, taste and chemesthesis recover within weeks. A study done in last July states that, 70% of Covid-19 negative people had recovered thier senses of smell after a month.

On the other hand,  a survey of 2581 Covid negative patients tells that, 95% of them regained their Sense Of Taste And Smell within 6 months, according to the Journal of Internal Medicine.

Claire Hopkins, an ear, nose and throat consultant at Guy’s and St. Thomas Hospital in london, says as a patient regains his/her sense of smell and taste, often complaints of an  unpleasant and never before odour.  A state called as parosmia, where everything smells rancid to the patients. This might be because of the olfactory sensory neurons are rewiring as they recover, she adds.

How Much Long It Will Take To Regain Sense Of Taste And Smell After Covid-19?

As mentioned above, the recovery time vary from person to person, some may regain within days, while other may take months.

According to a research published in journal of Internal Medicine, the average time to regain the sense of smell and taste of 2581 patients was 21.6 days and nearly a quarter didn’t regain there smell and taste till 60 days.

How Can Be The Sense Of Taste And Smell Regained ASAP?

You may have seen many videos on various platforms of people trying to trigger thier sense of taste and smell by tasting or smelling different armotic stuffs. This may look abused, but you never know they might work for you.

Though there is no specific treatment for the loss of taste and smell but below given are some tried and tested ways that might help your reach your goal early.

1. Olfactory Training

Dr. Rosen, an otolaryngologist at Jefferson Health says, any sign of smell is a goods news. She adds this means that some olfactory nerve regeneration is happening and the fibres are on its way to be back to normal.

This is when you would want to train your olfactory lobes more to help it stimulate the olfactory nerves.

Smell training or Olfactory training– It is a training where people sniff prescribed odors regularly to relearn them. This treatment generates ability of body to form new nerve pathway.

3) Hot Water Steaming

Imgredients- basil leaves, cloves, ginger, eucalyptus oil.

What To Do?

Add the above given ingredients in water and let it boil. Now, take the steam. Make sure the water is not too hot to give you skin burn.

4) Cinnamon

ingredients- cinnamon and clove.

What To Do?

Take a pinch of cinnamon and a piece of clove. Put these inside your mouth and suck its flavour slowly.

5) Garlic

Ingredients-  garlic, basil leaves, asafoetida.

What To Do?

Take 2-3 pieces of the above ingredients, Crush them properly. Now, pack them inside a cloth and keep smelling it.

5) Lemon

Lemons are packed with vitamin C making them optimum ingredient to fight away bacterial infections. Thus makes the nasal passage clear.

What To Do?

Squeeze half a lemon in half glass of luke warm water and gulp it two times a day to regain your taste and smell.


Smelling of perfumes, coffee, citrus or different types of essential oils, having garlic water and carom seed can be the home remedies to regain smell and taste but  the time taken to regain your sense of smell amd taste may vary as the body’s ability to react may vary from person to person.


If the condition last little longer, then it will be good to have a check with doctor. there are certain treatment which can help to improve the sensations.

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