Why My Kid Eyes Sunken? | How To Deal With It?

It is alarming to see dark circles /Sunken/deepening eyes of your kid which otherwise is bright and beautiful. Read here how to deal with it.
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Hi mummies, daddies, and well-wishers…

Today we will be learning about the causes of sunk eyes of your kid. And how you are going to treat those.

Kids are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future. So their well-being is our duty as that supports their overall mental health including a positive sense of self as well as the ability to cope with stressful situations, overcome fear, and accept disappointments.

It is quite alarming to see under eye dark circles with the eyes deepening in your kid which other is bright, beautiful, and eyecatching. And when combined with the smile of kid leave us swooning.

Let us now begin from the very basic…

What Are Sunken Eyes In Kids?

Sunken Eyes In Adults is common owing to age and faulty lifestyles. But deep eyes can also happen in children. Though it doesn’t indicate any serious issue in his/her health.

The skin under the eyes is thinner as compared to the various body parts. This indicates that it is unable to retain moisture and is more prone to drying out. This delicate skin under the eye can sometimes occur dark, sunken, and hollow. These changes are mainly related to dehydration and genetics in children.

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What Are Causes Of Eyes Going Depper In Kids?

Most of the children having sunken eyes are not due to a lack of sleep or worry. According to Alison Mitzner, a New York-based pediatrician, Dark circles in kids is not mainly because of poor health or less sleep. But more likely because of dehydration, Nasal congestion, genetics, or staring at the mobile screens for long hours. Other causes for dark circles and puffy bags under the eyes of children are the same as in adults.

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1. Dehydration

Kids are more prone to dehydration than adults, especially when they have a stomach infection. Since the baby’s tiny body is unable to store enough fluid, there’s a higher chance of dehydration. As the skin under the eye is thinner and more prone to drying out, dehydration becomes the main cause of sunken eyes in babies.

2. Nasal Congestion

If the nose is blocked, the blood vessels contract making the veins swell. These swollen veins darken under the eyes that are more visible as dark circles. Frequent nasal and sinus congestion causes the blood to sit under the eyes exposing the discolored veins.

3. Allergies

Kids often have allergies or colds causing nasal congestion. The allergies might be seasonal or can occur year-round. In some cases, they are genetically acquired.

4. Genetics

The eyes rest in the orbits (eye sockets) and are padded by orbital fat. Their position depends on your genetics, which controls the depth of your orbits and the amount of fat around the eyeballs. If you have sunken eyes, there might be a good chance your kid also has similar eyes.

5. Lack Of Sleep

Kids, like adults, can’t function properly when they’re tired; they become cranky and inattentive. Dr. Owens says, “Lack of sleep can have devastating consequences on the child’s mood and performance”. Staying up all night will cause eye fatigue leading to free radical eye damage, poor eye blood circulation, dull skin. This results in the hollowing of eyes in kids.

6. Starring The Mobile/TV Screen

Dr. Tay Su Ann, Consultant for the Paediatric Ophthalmology and Adult Strabismus Department at Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC) says, “Playing with handheld devices constitutes near work, which is associated with myopia (commonly known as short-sightedness)”.

The light from such devices is sometimes intolerable and one squints his/her eyes by almost shutting them with their eyelid. This provides relief and better vision to the person. The unnatural pressure on the eyeballs starts pushing it back into the socket causing Sunken eyes. Some also believe Eyes Get Deeper When Wearing Glasses.

7. Eye Infections

Infections like Conjunctivitis, Rhetinis, bacterial infections, Sinusitis are also found guilty of causing the eyes of a kid hollow.

8. Rubbing Eyes

Most often kids rubbing their eyes is a sign of visual fatigue that is when they need sleep. But it might be also due to the pain because of dust in his/her eyelashes or eye infection or allergy.

How Do You Treat The Sunken Eyes Of Your Kid?

The eyes are the most sensitive part of the human body owing to its network of nerves in the cornea.  Moreover, in kids, the eyes are more tinder and underdeveloped. Thus examining their eyes regularly and slight changes in their routine will give the desired changes.

1. Feed Your Kid With fluids/Keep Them Hydrated

Don’t wait for your kids to tell you they’re thirsty before offering them water. Kids are more prone to dehydration thus include high water content food in your kid’s diet as many fruits and vegetables have very high water content. Offering watermelon, strawberries, broccoli, celery or cucumbers will keep them hydrated.

2. Ensure The Kid Is Getting Enough Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is like giving a small vacation to your body. Studies have shown that kids who regularly get an adequate amount of sleep have improved attention, behavior, learning, memory, and overall mental and physical health. Thus Making sure your child gets good and sound sleep will help in overcoming deepening eyes.

3. Revive Nasal Congestion

Most of the time kids have dark circles due to nasal congestion. Thus the key is to revive your child’s nasal congestion. Steam inhalation and cold compress claim to turn down nasal congestion by reducing the swelling of veins.

4. Remove The Allergen.

If your child is allergic then the goal is to remove the allergen from your home. At the same time, make sure your child stays away from the agents causing problems.

5. Healthy Diet

Well all of us need a balanced and healthy diet. Children require lots of nutrients to help their bodies develop all the necessary functions and tissues they need, and the quality (or lack thereof) of these nutrients can have a big impact on health.

Note- it is not recommended to use any oil on the under eyes of the child. Because your kid is still underdeveloped and the slightest infection will cause more problems for you and the child.


The sunken eyes of a child don’t need urgent medical attention. Through a proactive approach to your children’s health is the best strategy you can have for preventing illnesses of any degree from popping up.

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