Signs & Symptoms to That Indicate your Eyesight Changed

Dubious about your eyesight then you need to check out the various factors that will clear your doubts of whether your eyesight has increased or not
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Having frequent headaches, you need to ask yourself, when was my last eye checkup?                                                     A routine eye exam can help you find a variety of issues that may cause headaches.  There are many reasons behind your headache, like staring at the computer screen too long, working on dim light are one of the most common culprits is when your eyesight has increased and this is the high time you need to visit your doctor!

Other Medical Conditions For Poor Eyesigh

Other than the above causes there are also some common eye conditions you need to know because one of them might be the reason behind your headaches.

1. Hypermetropia

Now you might have a question that what is Hypermetropia?  It is nothing but when to see things clearly when they are far but gets blurry when close. This means you are farsighted. Here either the eyeball axis is too short or because the refractive power of the object is too weak.

Causes Of Hypermetropia

1. It results due to an increase in the thickness of the lens.

2. Using cell phones or any device emitting light by keeping it too close to the eyes can increase the thickness of the lens.

Hypermetropia Symptoms

1. Blurry vision.

2. Headaches (Most common).

3. Trouble focusing.

4. Watery eyes.

2. Myopia

Myopia is the opposite of Hypermetropia. A person diagnosed with Myopia can see the objects near to them clearly, but objects away are blurry. This condition is also known as nearsightedness. Here either eyeball axis is too long or because the refractive power of the object is too strong.

Causes of Myopia

It is caused due to the elongation of the lens due to which the light rays coming from the distant objects don’t meet on the retina. Thus making it difficult for you to see.

Myopia Symptoms

1. Difficulty seeing while driving.

2. Headaches due to eyestrain.

3. Blurry vision when seeing distant objects.

4. Family heredity.

5. Working for long hours on the computer.

6. Increase in blood sugar level.

After knowing about Myopia including its causes you might be thinking is Myopia curable? The answer is yes it is!

Treatment and when to see a doctor                                                                                                                                If you have a blurry version or a severe headache after sunbath then the first thing you should do is to have an eye checkup.

What Is Astigmatism?

Astigmatism is an eye disease especially going in children where the light does not focus on a single point on the back of the eye instead it focuses unevenly and causes the blur vision. It also changes the shape of the cornea.


Blur vision and headache are the most common symptoms.


1. Check the eyesight by doctors. Lenses can be the one option to increase vision which deviates light in one direction

2. Surgery where the shape of the corner will change and focus the light in one point.

How to Keep Your Eyesight Strong?

Weak Eyesight is nowadays common problems especially in children and young people because of excessive time on mobiles, computers and watching television. Hence proper precautions should be taken to avoid weak Eyesight.

1. Eat carrot, fish and leafy vegetables rich in nutrients and vitamins.

2. Wear sunglasses while going out to protect the eyes from harsh sun rays.

3. Avoid smoking because it causes the risk of developing cataracts.

4. Sufficient sleep is required to relax the eye muscles.

5. Replace eye muscles by doing exercise ( Fill the mouth with water which expands eye muscles and splash cold water to eyes.)

6. Rub palm and place on the eyes.

7. Consume an almond a day

8. Splash some eyes in between if working for a long time on a computer

9. Do Sarvana aasan to increase blood circulation

10. Diabetes causes cataract and eye problems easily so avoid eating too much sugar in a diet.


Though via spectacles you can correct your poor eyesight it will be always recommended to you that it is better to take care of your eyes by taking protective measures rather than going for secondary options.

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