Rotten Tomatoes For Removing Skin Tan

Tomato is a natural astringent that cleanses the skin. The skin tightening and skin tan removing properties of tomato makes it a popular component of problematic skin conditions.
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Skin tanning also known as skin darkening  is a process in which skin is toned dark willingly. Earlier pale colored skin was a perceived mark of beauty. But from half of the 20th century, a cultural shift took place and mainly women began to tan their skin. Nowadays, skin tanning is a trendy fashion that is done either by artificial means or naturally by exposure to the sun rays. Though a tanned skin is desirable for some while others may hate it. The later never darken their skin but it occurs naturally. And they start torturing their skin using numerous artificial products to remove the tan.

Why People Tan Their Skin?

There is a common saying that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. It implies that each human being has a different perspective on beauty. For some beauty is something that they see and for others, beauty is something that they feel. A mother is never affected by what others feel about her child. Thus what may seem beautiful to you may not be the same for me. And so some feel that skin tanning suits them while others are happy with there natural skin tone.

Advantages Of Controlled Skin Tanning

Skin Darkening is not only considered fashionable but also healthy as we get Vitamin D from the sun. But the bad effects of UV rays in the sunlight are overlooked by the skin tan lovers. Thus it is always advised to keep a check on the amount of time your spend in the sun to tan your skin. And it is strictly recommended to use a sunscreen with a high SPF while taking a sunbath.

Tanning is also used by many people to even out their skin color. By darkening their skin the redness of nose or cheekbones turns brown like the rest after tanning.

People with very white and pale skin tend to do tanning to hide the existing blue veins mapping or splotches. Anything that breaks the evenness like redness or splotches is a spotlight on white skin. Often even skin tone is considered a symbol of healthy well being.

Thus for people not blessed with even skin tone, skin tanning serve to hide the skin imperfections and aid to fake a healthy glowy skin.

How Does Working In Sun Tan Your Skin

Sun rays give us Vitamin D which is vital for bone formation but the UV rays in it may have detrimental effects.  Depending upon the length, frequency of exposure, the intensity of sunlight, and the sensitivity of individuals concerned the sun rays have good and bad effects on the body. Dermatologist says that tanning is a response of the human body to sunlight damaging the skin.

The epidermal layer of skin contains brown pigment melanin. The melanin pigment act as a soldier protecting the skin from UV rays. The overexposure of UV rays burns the skin and loosens the skin elasticity causing a person look aged prematurely.

Thus whenever you work for long hours in the scorching sun UV rays penetrate deeper into the skin where it can burn or kill cells. As a response and to further protect the skin cells, the body increases the production of Melanin. This increased secretion of Melanin causes your skin to darken for the next few hours. That’s why it is recommended to wear a sunscreen with high SPF whenever working out in the sun.

Is tanning Naturally In the Sun Bad For The Skin?

There is nothing wrong with tanning as long as you treat it well. For many years, frequent and prolonged exposure to UV rays stands out as the chief reason for skin cancer. The UV rays affect all skin types irrespective of color and gender.  Once the skin is exposed to sun rays, the UV light hits the epidermal layer of skin. These cause an increase in the production of Melanin which darkens the skin tone. Melanin is a revolutionary way of scattering the UV rays before they harm the DNA. Prolonged exposure of skin to sun rays will make the UV radiation to penetrate through, corrupt our DNA, and cause cancer.

According to Ralph Massey from Santa Monica, although the provides us with some benefits, there are much greater risks from sun damage and skin tanning. Further, he states that ”yes it is bad for you although UV light is needed to generate vitamin D in the skin. UV light helps in curing acne, psoriasis, eczema, and other inflammatory conditions. However, there is risk associated with excess exposure to UV rays including melanoma, wrinkles on the skin, sunburns, aged appearance of the skin, lupus, and cold sores on lips. So, all in all, it is not worth it. Take your vitamin D supplements and protect yourself from harmful UV rays. Although there is nothing wrong with tanning as long as you treat it well.

Use Rotten Tomatoes To Remove Skin Tan?

It is quite hard being a Tomato, since its birth Tomato is providing nutrients and antioxidants to humans. But humans never appreciate it. Moreover, Since birth Tomato is facing an identity crisis. Tomato itself doesn’t know whether it is a fruit or vegetable. Researchers say it is the second most-consumed vegetable in the world. But it was earlier termed as fruit. Then just because of its cheap price, humans started a Tomatina festival where they crush and throw tomatoes on each other. How painful it is!. And because tomato rot early as compared to other fruits they are thrown away. But wait for a second what others can be done with a rotten tomato. Yes, it can be used to remove the skin tan and brighten your skin tone.

Tomatoes are robust edible red balls that are full of nutrients, Vitamin C, and antioxidants. The pore reducing, skin tightening properties of tomato makes it a versatile and popular component of problematic skin conditions. It also eliminates the chances of pimples and not to forget brightens your skin.

Tomato is rich in a powerful antioxidant and inflammatory agent called lycopene. It is a red color carotenoid responsible for giving red color to tomato and products. The physical quenching rate of lycopene and high content of potassium and vitamin C in tomatoes fights free radicals. Thus cleansing and brightening the skin. Apart, from this tomatoes also eliminates the chances of blackheads and whiteheads.

How To Apply It

Tomato is a natural astringent that cleanses the skin. Its cooling effect rejuvenates the skin. One of the easiest and safest way is to apply sliced tomatoes directly on the skin. Take the readily available tomatoes from the storage and after washing it. Rub the sliced piece gently on the skin for 5-10mins. Rinse your face with water after the tomato juice dries up. There is a wide range of ways of applying tomato on the skin. The other includes

Note- 1. It is recommended to do a patch test.

2. Make sure the extent up to which the tomatoes are rotten. so that you will be able to tolerate the pungent smell.

3. Not to forget that tomatoes can be applied anywhere on the body.

4. Apply the below-given face packs until it tries and then risen it with water. Make sure the ratio of tomato in the mixture is always greater.

  •  Tomato with lemon juice.
  • Tomato with cucumber juice.
  •  Tomato with sugar cubes resting on the slice.
  •  Tomato with Yoghurt.
  • Tomato with milk.
  •  Tomato with aloe vera.
  •  Tomat with Tumeric.
  •  Tomato with Earth fuller pack.


The high content of potassium and lycopene in tomatoes helps to transform the dullest of skin. So bring rotten tomatoes to use for cleansing your skin instead of throwing them away. Healthamino will emerge as a one-stop destination for your problems. Please give your feedback and related queries in the section given below.

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