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Today most of the youth are the victim of hair loss hindering their emotional well being. Redensyl is the newest breakthrough against hair loss.

Hair loss isn’t common to all. Today most of the youth, mainly men, are the victim of hair loss hindering their emotional well being. The human scalp has an average of 110,000 hairs which are continuously growing and falling as time passes. When the equilibrium between hair growth and hair loss is disturbed baldness occurs. About 30% of men experience a noticeable amount of hair loss from the age of 35-36. This number increases to 60% at the age of 50-55.

As per the data released by the Interactional Society Of Hair Restoration Society about 1 Million of the population spends an average of $6200 on hair loss treatments. The treatments include both surgical and non-surgical like hair transplant, hair treatment and use of different cosmetics or tablets.

The most commonly used ingredient in hair loss cosmetics includes Rendensyl, Trichazole, Proanthocyanidins, Dextran, Panthenol. The recent and most effective being Rendensyl which is also used in eyebrow gels and beard oils.

What Is Redensyl?

Redensyl is a yellow colored liquid made up of 7 ingredients and is the newest breakthrough against hair loss. Redensyl is considered as a recent biotechnological marvel as it is non-irritating and non-sensitizing at 100% purity which is very rare. And also claims to cause hair growth and prevent hair loss.

Redensyl is the first hair care cosmetic active ingredient based on regenerative medicine researches. It targets hair follicle stem cells called outer root sheath shells. In this way recently helps your hair follicle to favor hair growth over hair loss. It results in an increase in overall hair density as well as the quality and length of that hair.

Technical Description Of Redensyl

Origin- Plants and Biotechnology

Safety- Non-irritating and Non-sanitizing at 100% purity

Dosage– 1-3%

Storage- Temp=4-7 Degrees (Avoid storing above 10 Degrees)

Shelf Life- 2years

Method Of Action

Redensyl is a mixture of 7 ingredients added in different compositions. These 7 components of Redensyl are Dihydroquercitin-glucoside (DHQA), Epigallocatechin gallate-glucoside (EGCG2), Glycine, Zinc Chloride, Sodium Meta-Bisulphite, Glycerin, Water. Each ingredient of Redensyl performs a particular activity that increases your hair growth and decreases hair loss.


  • Protects the cell from apoptosis.
  • Increases proliferation of stem cells.
  • Increases metabolism of dermal papilla fibroblast.

2. EGCG2

  • Reduces inflammation by inhibiting IL8
  • Traps free radical
  • promotes the growth of hair follicles.

3. Glycine

  • Major constituents of keratin Associated protein.
  • It helps in improving hair strength.

4. Zinc

  • It Incorporates amino acid cystine into keratin.

5. Meta-Bisulphite

  • It is used as a preservative.

 6. Glycerin

  • Humectant.
  • Conditioning agent.

Natural Products In Which We Find Redensyl

As mentioned and described above Redensyl is made up of 7 components extracted from various means. Each component having a specific function to perform. Thus it is very difficult that the ingredients of Redensyl to exist in a single commodity. But consuming/applying things having rich content of ingredients of Redensyl will definitely help in decreasing the hair fall.

1. Dihydroquercitin-Glucoside

The following means are rich in the Quercitin using it regularly will help you in treating baldness.

  • Applying Onion juice or Onion oil on the scalp will cause a decrease in hair loss.
  • Using seeds of European larch tree will help in reducing hair loss.
  • Applying the juice of citrus fruit like Buckwheat and onion on the head will surely help.
  • Eat Quercitin rich fruits and vegetables like Broccoli, red Onions, Peppers, Apples, Grapes, Red wine.

2. Epigallocatechin Gallate-Glucoside

The following means are rich in EGCG2 using it regularly will promote the growth of hair follicles.

  • Consuming green tea has a wide range of health benefits in addition to promoting your hair growth.
  • It is also found in cranberries, strawberries, blackberries, kiwis, cherries, pears, peaches, apples, and avocados.
  • EGCG is also found in nuts like pecans, pistachios, hazelnuts.

3. Glycine

Using glycine-rich compounds will not only reduce hair loss but also increases hair strength.

  • Food products like meat, seafood.
  • Asparagus, dried seaweed, watercress.
  • legumes like soybeans, tofu, peanuts, Butter peanuts, peas, mung beans, lentils and kidney beans.
  • Vegetables like cabbage, spinach.

4. Zinc Chloride

Zinc chloride plays an important role in incorporating the keratin with cystine that helps in treating baldness.

  • Meat and eggs are excellent sources of zinc
  • Nuts like pine nuts, peanuts, cashews, almonds boost the intake of zinc.
  • Dairy products like milk, cheese provide zinc.
  • Wheat, rice, oats are sources of zinc.
  • potatoes, green beans give a reasonable amount of zinc.


The researchers have done a major study on three different levels i.e., Invitro, exvivo and clinical trial on human subjects to examine how effective Redensyl is for hair loss. Firstly in-vitro test was done to study the functions of DHQA and EGCG 3. Secondly, the ex-vivo test was done to find out the hair growing capacity of Redensyl. In these the sample of Redensyl was compared to minoxidil. The results showed that there was a growth of 75% after 7 days and 214% growth after 10days on applying Redensyl. While minoxidil gave 25% of hair growth after 7days and 118% after 10days. So it quite clear that Redensyl is two times more efficient.

The third was the clinical trial on 26 bald human subjects for 84 days. The subjects were divided into two groups i.e., test group having 14 subjects and placebo group. The results were surprising as anagen to telogen ratio is usually a small number. But they found by using 3% of Redensyl the ratio was 29%. Thus the success rate was 12 out of 14 subjects which is self-sufficient for you to use Redensyl for hair loss.

Thus Redensyl is proving to be a new outbreak against hair loss. There are a lot of Redensyl products for hair loss available in the market. Looking at the success rate it is worth giving a try…

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