Can I Have Sex With Phimosis? | Different Exercise To Treat It

Check here numerous remedies to reduce the pain due to phimosis during sex and to treat phimosis without any surgery.

Phimosis is the inability to pull the foreskin back past the glans of the penis. These condition results because of the tightening of the foreskin making it difficult to be pulled back. The foreskin is a highly sensitive part of the male penis that aids in the ejaculation of male sperms. Thus playing a very important role in human sexual intercourse. The length of the foreskin may vary in males, some have micro-foreskin. While others have a foreskin that covers the entire glans and then there are some with a foreskin that covers a part of the glans.

Is It Normal For Babies To Have Phimosis?

Phimosis is completely normal in babies as the foreskin remains attached for the first few years. Till the age of 3years, the foreskin remains intact, and as time passes the foreskin loosens. By the age of 5-6 years normally the foreskin is retractable. Though in some it can happen at the age of 10years. Usually, phimosis occurs only in 1% of teenagers in the age of 15-17 years.

So, at maturity phimosis is the adherence of the foreskin to the glans which then is difficult to retract. Medically the treatment is possible. But the sufferer always comes across the question of “Can I Have Sex With Phimosis OR Will I  Be Able To Impregnant My Wife?  Let me first start with the symptoms and some important things related to phimosis.

How Do You Know You’re Having Phimosis?

Generally, cases of phimosis go untreated and unnoticed until one experiences pain in the process of sex or masturbation. In most cases, the condition is discovered almost at the adult stage of life. At this stage, people tend to go with surgery as the only treatment which is not true. One generally learns about one’s condition after observing and knowing about the structure of the penis. Thus, discussing with your elders and friends about your condition in the early stage serves as a medium to soon cure the phimosis.

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Causes Of Phimosis

Though the exact reason is still not clear and thus many of them blamed nature. Apart from this the other factors that contribute to the tightening of foreskin include…

1. Poor hygiene.

2. Glans Infection.

3. Retracting the foreskin forcibly.

4. Smegma set up.

Symptoms Of Phimosis

Symptoms Of Phimosis

Most of the symptoms of phimosis are seen down in the penis. There are very few bodily signs that indicate that you are having phimosis. Discovering phimosis early can help to cure it without circumcision.

1. Tightening Of Foreskin

The first and foremost sign one generally notices is the tightening of the foreskin. Tightening of the foreskin makes it uncomfortable down there.

2. Dickhead Not Visible

The dickhead is mostly visible when the penis is erected. But when you be the unlucky one, your glans remain completely covered by foreskin and thus the dickhead is not visible completely.

 3. Foreskin Expand Like Balloon

During urination, the foreskin retracts past the glans. But when having phimosis the foreskin unable to retract expands like a balloon when passing urine.

4. Pain

In phimosis, the foreskin is attached to the glans and is non-retractable. If during the course of sex or masturbation, in which the foreskin is pulled back, you feel pain. Then you may have phimosis.

5. Glans Infections

In severe cases of phimosis, the foreskin covers the entire glans. This causes the setting up of components of urine on the glans which causes infections in the glans. If you tend to have frequent glans infection then you might have phimosis.

6. Burning Sensation While Urinating.

7. Blood in Urine.

8. Narrow Opening.

Treat Phimosis At Home

Treat Phimosis At Home

Do not jump to circumcision, first exhaust all the available stretching choices. Circumcision is an irreversible option and will keep you out of action for some time period. Stretching is worth giving a try and there is nothing to lose. So don’t give up do it every day…

1. Warm Water

If your phimosis is such bad that you cannot retract your foreskin at all. Then flush what you can’t access with warm water by holding your shower head close to whatever opening you have left. Doing this twice a day will surely help.

2. Normal Stretching

While taking a bath using the chance of normally stretching the foreskin at opportune minutes. The foreskin loosens because of the warm bathroom water. Thus stretching of the foreskin at this time will be possible without any discomfort.

3. Use Of Hair Oil Or Petroleum Jelly

Use hair oil or petroleum jelly to massage your foreskin. While massaging slowly stretch your foreskin back and forth. Doing this exercise 3-4 times a week will surely untighten your foreskin.

4. Anti-Inflammatory Creams

Creams having chamomile and calendula as ingredients have anti-inflammatory properties. Using such cream will reduce the inflammation of the glans loosening the foreskin.

5. Massaging with Oils

Massaging your foreskin with coconut oil or Nirgundi tail oil 4-5 times a week will surely loosen your foreskin. Make sure you don’t force the foreskin while massaging.

6. Massaging With The Given Oils

The anti-inflammatory and immune suppressant high qualities of Tamuna nut oil, sea buckthorn oil, and licorice cream will help in eliminating your phimosis. Massaging the foreskin with the above-given oils 3-4 times a week will allay your pain.

7. Maintaining Hygiene

You need to be very thorough with your hygiene. When having phimosis your body can’t clean the area by itself so you must be very careful and regular about cleaning it. Make sure you wash the genital and glans region thoroughly.

8. Betnovate Cream

Get a prescribed Betnovate cream. Apply the cream or ointment on the foreskin whilst you stretch. The steroid content of the cream will make the foreskin thin and loose.

How To Stretch Your Foreskin To Get Rid Of Phimosis?

Here’s the breakdown of how to process the stretching of the foreskin…

The skin elasticity is improved for a short period after/during a bath or shower. Thus making it an optimum period for stretching the foreskin.

1. The Lateral Stretch

  • This is performed by gripping the tip of the foreskin between the finger and thumb on either side.
  • And applying an outward stretch.
  • Hold the stretch for 10secs and rest for 10secs. Repeat the same process 5-6times.

2. The Proximal Stretch

This is performed with an erect penis and is very effective if the phimotic band is wide. As the domed shape of the glans will push against the tight foreskin helping to dilate the outer edges of the tightest region.

  • The stretch is performed by pulling back on the foreskin gently.
  • Hold this position for 10secs and release for 10secs.
  • Repeat the same 10-15 times.

3. Frenulum Stretch

The frenulum of the penis can also be tight, which can limit full retraction as you resolve your phimosis. For this reason, it is good practice to pre-attempt this possible issue by performing gentle frenulum stretches.

  • This is performed by taking the tip of the foreskin between the finger and thumb.
  • Now pull the foreskin forward.
  • Hold it for 10secs. Release for 10secs.
  • Repeat the process for 10-15times.

The frenulum can be more delicate, so it is important to avoid an excessive stretching force.


1. Make sure not to force the foreskin while massaging it.

2. If you feel pain while massaging, then take a break.

3. If the foreskin cracks while stretching stop the exercise and apply an antibacterial cream to avoid infections.

Can I Have Sex With Phimosis?

Sex With Phimosis

Sex is considered the most beautiful way of making love as you share your breath with the person you are deeply connected to. Even though it may be a one-night stand but still after leaving a part of you feels for her/him. Everyone wants sex as it has emerged as one of the necessities of life. But for some, it may be a nightmare because of the unbearable pain you must have gone through while indulging in it. And the reason for the sting is well known to you.

Though the possibility of doing sex with phimosis depends upon the level of phimosis. In some of the severe cases, the foreskin very tightly adheres to the entire glans. But still the sufferer can do sex by making adjustments Though he may feel the pain depending upon the level of his phimosis. The only consequence, other than the pain, due to phimosis is the nerve endings get sensitive which causes speedy ejaculation. This premature ejaculation may leave you and your partner unsatisfied.

Apart from this, you might be fearful about tearing the foreskin while forcing your penis inside the vagina. Using lubrication or slowing down yourself until you treat your phimosis will make sure you don’t get into more trouble. Thus, doing sex is not a problem, but you just need to control your urge to be more aggressive, which will otherwise hurt you.

How To Reduce The Pain Or Tearing Of foreskin During Sex?

Reduce The Pain Or Tearing Of foreskin During Sex

If you are quite impatient and desperate to do sex, the only way to reduce the pain and prevent tearing of the foreskin is by using a condom (Explained in the section below) while in sexual intercourse. Though protection must be used always. The other way is to use lubrication before sex or masturbation. Use oils, gels, or jellies as lubricants so that it cancels the friction and facilitates the untroubled movement of the foreskin making the process pain-free.

Phimosis – Sex With Or Without Condom

Phimosis is never the same it varies from person to person. In some, the foreskin may very tightly adhere to the glans making its movement difficult. While in others the foreskin covers just the part of the glans and is loose so that it can be retracted making the dickhead visible. Moving on to the question

You can have sex using condoms but more severe case less pleasant will be sex. In relatively mild, the foreskin can be pulled back past the glans but with some resistance, sex with or without a condom can be more or less fine as long as the vagina is lubricated. But in severe cases, it is recommended not to use condoms lest you hurt yourself.

If you put a condom leaving the foreskin up. Due to the extra space at the condom’s rear end, the foreskin moves 1 or 2 mm. However, because of the condom tightness and the close tip end, the foreskin will not be able to move up and down during sex.

When the urge for sex is at its peak. Rolling the foreskin up whilst using a condom will be comfortable and pleasant. However, such foreskin cannot move cutting off the mood. Since most of the feeling comes from the movement of the foreskin. Thus no movement of the foreskin could lead to losing your hardness during sex. Thus for time being it is recommended to keep your foreskin ahead of the glans inside the condom until you stretch the foreskin enough to make a difference.

Will Phimosis Make You Less Fertile?

Phimosis Make You Less Fertile

Phimosis is a condition in which your foreskin doesn’t retract back past the glans. It is an anatomical condition with which you are born. Phimosis is wholly connected to the foreskin and has nothing do to with your fertility. Assuming that you are a healthy man without any health issues your semen is still normal and is capable of producing a child. Impregnating your wife takes only a union of your sperm with her ovum. If your semen is being ejaculated from the opening, your equipment is working well enough to get the job done.

Does Phimosis Cause Premature Ejaculation?

Phimosis Cause Premature  Ejaculation

People have divided opinions regarding premature ejaculation due to phimosis. The one finding phimosis responsible for speedy ejaculation says there are 4000 nerve endings in male glans and 20,000 nerve endings in the foreskin. And these nerve endings get extra sensitive due to the restricted movement of the foreskin only on the glans causing premature ejaculation.

While others say phimosis has prevented them from achieving climax as the foreskin was very tight. The tightness would contain the movement of the foreskin across the surface of the penis. So they were thrusting for ages but never able to achieve bliss.

How Paraphimosis Is Different From Phimosis?

Phimosis is the inability to retract the male foreskin over the erect penis i.e., the foreskin tightly adheres to the glans and can’t be pulled down from the tip of the penis.

On the other hand, Paraphimosis is when the foreskin is retracted but can’t move back up i.e., the foreskin gets stuck behind the head of the penis. It is extremely tight to the point of choking the glans. This can prevent normal blood flow in the penis and may cause serious problems.

Researchers believe paraphimosis is the result of untreated phimosis. Both can be solved without surgery via stretching and/or steroidal cream. Both are good options as surgery takes away valuable sexual tissue.


Circumcision is never a good idea. It is a permanent change and you will be helpless if you dislike the results. Moreover, circumcision will keep you out of action for a long time. Try to fix it by stretching the foreskin for months before thinking of circumcision. Stretching is not a quick fix but will gradually loosen your foreskin. I hope the article will be helpful to you. Healthamino will emerge as a one-stop destination for your various problems. Please give your valuable feedback and related queries in the comment section.

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