Choose Best And Perfect Size Bicycle For Older Citizen As Per Their Health & Height.

Want to buy a perfect size bicycle for an senior citizen.Make sure you consider some important factors explained here before buying a bicycle.

There is something about cycling that is empowering. Combine this with various benefits it offers, cycling gives you a real sense of freedom. How something so affordable, beneficial, and sustainable not give one a feeling of freedom?

Cycling allows a person to separate themselves from the herd. The daily commute almost becomes a path of self-reliance. Dare I say, that cycling can be a way of changing one’s point of view of themselves and the world, positively.

Doing cycling for health benefits and to commute has become a trend these days all over the world. It is convenient and good for health as well. I see more older citizens and youngsters taking to cycling nowadays and am happy that the old trend is returning.  This will surely reduce pollution and restore the glory of mother nature.

Why Older Citizens Should Opt For Cycling Instead Of Jogging?

They both are better!

Running is harder on the body. Cycling can achieve cardiac fitness without causing wear to joints or muscle soreness.

Cycling is considered a better option for older citizens as bone density reduces with age. And those with health issues like diabetes (in which calcium from the bones sheds) or arthritis won’t want to place additional stress on their bones.

Although running results in greater calorie loss than cycling. Although while cycling the loss our body has to suffer is quite less than that in running. That means running leads to a greater degree of wear and tear in our body especially knees and ankles. Thus long run leads to serious consequences. Plus the faster you run, the more shock your body has to absorb that is not something you or anybody wants to put their body through for an extended period.

In terms of joint wear, running is quite more intense. I must say the cycling, as well as other sports, are not free of joint wear but they are not so hard.

It’s easier for keeping the intensity level higher on the cycle for long. After an hour of running, you may get sloop or break down. On the other hand, after an hour of cycling, you just need a sip from the water bottle or a sugary treat to prepare for the next trip.

Any exercise requires maintaining a proper shape or form as it is a measure of cardiovascular endurance. After a certain distance by running, you might lose your form while cycling it is not the same case.

No matter whats your age is, what shape you’re in, you can go at your own pace. The bike saddles hold 70% of your body weight, so the pressure on your joints is very low, too. Though are chances of Saddle Sores, luckily can be prevented.

Almost every muscle is active while cycling. Leg muscles are worked the most while pedaling with the abdomen and back muscles stabilizing the body. While the shoulder arm muscular system supports you at the handlebars. Cycling builds strength all over the body and as your core muscles improve, so does the balance.

While all the exercises are beneficial for the body, there some which claim to be great for positive mental health. Cycling that is a combination of exercise and exposure to the outdoors is a wonderful combination for emotional and mental well-being. Older citizens that are cranky sometimes and often complaining about insomnia will find regular cycling a way to help them sleep. Regular riding helps synchronize the cardiac rhythm and reduce the levels of the stress hormone that makes sleeping difficult.

More importantly, cycling may make you feel more of a confident human. You will find cycling rehumanizing in a world that sometimes is dehumanizing.

Other Benefits Of Cycling For A Older Citizen Includes

1. Researchers say that a 5% increase in cardio-respiratory fitness from cycling led to an improvement of up to 15% in the mental tests.

2. According to the University Of Bristol, people who practice aerobic exercise such as cycling are with improved workload management and boosted motivation

3. Cycling is considered as a ‘releasing’ exercise. Releasing exercises play a vital role in allaying issues like stress, tension, and pain. Cycling is widely accepted as a pain-releasing strategy for children but is just as useful for older citizens.

4. The result of research held in Finland tells that people who cycle for more than 30mins per day had a 40% less chance of developing diabetes.

5. Research by Harvard University found that men aged over 50 who cycle at least  30-40mins a day have a 30% lower risk of impotence.

6. Some evidence suggests that regular cycling lowers the risk of breast cancer.

Choose A Cycle That Suits Your Physique

It is not about buying a Bicycle online or offline, in both cases the most important factors are overlooked or ignored. Yes, it might be the excitement of buying a new one or the haste to ride it. And dare I disagree about how vital are the features of a bicycle that suits your physique.

Well buying your first bike can be a little overwhelming and confusing. Because seemingly loads of different types made from different materials with various components on them.

keep it simple and tough. Selecting a bicycle really depends upon an individual and what their exact needs are. So there could be a number of different things that might be suitable for any given person.

1. Handles Of Bicycle

In particular, there are two types of bike handles available the drop bar bicycle and flat bar bike bicycle. 

A flat-bar puts you in a more upright position and this is more comfortable for beginners as it requires less flexibility.

On the other hand, a drop-bar allows you to get longer and lower at the front, and this is more aerodynamic, meaning you will be able to go faster for the same amount of effort. The drop-bar offers three different hand positions the hoods, the drops, and the tops. It does require more flexibility and at the same time will test your back. If going fast may not be a priority for you, but if it is, then drop bar is a winner.

2) Saddle And Its Height

A perfect shape of the saddle so that it is comfortable for your bottom and setting its height correctly is extremely important for maximum power transfer to your pedal.

A bike always comes with a saddle fit in it. The shape and size of which we ignore but it is equally vital as it measures the degree of comfort.

When you sit on a bike most of your weight is on the bottom or the sit bones, say ischial tuberosities to be more specific. Sit bones vary from one individual to another.

Individuals with a wider sit bone might find a wider saddle more comfortable to better support them.

A Cutout saddle basically having a hole in it or a groove is designed to relieve pressure on your soft tissues. If you are still uncomfortable after determining a specific saddle width then it is a good idea to start considering a cutout saddle.

Though for a beginner it is recommended to have a wider saddle with enough padding that is comfortable for you.

Finding Correct Saddle Height
  • Find an upright wall and align the bike parallel to the wall.
  • Now, get on to your bicycle and place your hands on the handlebars.
  • Place one pedal all the way down to 6 o’clock.
  • Placing your legs on the pedal you should find your prior leg straight.
  • Really easy, but an effective way to finding a right saddle height for you.

3) Single Speed Bicycles Or Multi-Speed Bicycles

Choosing between a Single-speed bicycle(Normal Cycle) and Multi-speed bicycle(Gear Cycle) depends on the conditions you expect to face. People who ride in a primarily flat area usually go with a normal cycle for the simplicity and rarely route towards a large hill to warrant multiple gears. It is an ideal setup for those who choose cycling instead of running.

A multiple geared cycle makes much more sense for competitive road riders and anyone wanting to run into hills. When properly maintained, a multiple-geared cycle can last nearly as long as a single-speed between maintenance. Geared cycles are better for long rides and are recommended strongly for hilly terrain. It preserves a lot of energy during longer rides than it on a single-speed bicycle.

4) Tyre Size

The greatest improvement to comfort and smoothness on the bike will come from your tires. Generally lowering the pressure is the key to smoothness.



Generates less Rolling Resistance due to short contact patch.

Due to large contact patch, the Rolling Resistance Increases.

More puncture resistance.

Comparitively less puncture resistance.

They are heavy in wieght.

Due to less wieght skinnier tires facilates sharp turns.

Wide tires can be run on lower pressure making them lot more comfortable.

Skinnier tires with high pressures are less comfortable. As the travelling experience may be jarring.

Wider tires are more safer in slippery conditions

Due to less traction, skinnier tryes are less safer under slippery conditons.

They offer more momentum, due to which it's harder to spin up from stops or to ride uphill.

They offer less momentum and requires less effort to ride uphill.

Requires more effort to steer.

Requires less effort to steer.

Wider tires fits with limited options when it comes to frame set.

Narrower tires may have a lot of available options.

Well, if you are someone wanting quick enough handling, good enough rood feel, and really good flat resistance then medium width tires(28-32) are an excellent choice.

How To Select Correct Size Of Cycle As per Your Height?

It makes sense to gather as much information as possible in order to make an informed decision. For a Comfortable and well-ordered fit, frame size and geometry is key.


Having said that, the frame is the stepping off point for the development of your position over the wheels and cranks. And all the issues will appear if your body is out of place for what you want to do with the bicycle.

The most basic piece of information is that it is better to err on the side of too small than too big. If the frame is too small, it can still be adjusted by adding a long seat tube and a long stem. However, if it is too long has to wait until one grows taller, which may sound silly. Thus, a frame size should be respective to a rider.

From the below-given table help yourself to find the cycle height that will be comfy to you…




4'10'' - 5'2''

47- 48 cm


5'3'' - 5'6''

48 - 50 cm


5'4'' - 5'6'' 

50 - 53 cm


5'7'' - 5'9'' 

53 - 55 cm


5'10'' - 6'1''

55 - 58 cm

6'1'' - 6'3''

58 - 60 cm


6'3'' - 6'6''

61 - 63 cm



The most common is the length of the seat tube and your height. It is more helpful to know the length of your inseam i.e., the length of the inside of your leg from the bottom of your foot to your crotch.

Calculating Inseams

1. Stand straight with your bare legs about 15-20cm apart.

2. Now, measure the height from the bottom of your foot to your crotch with a measuring tape.

3. Now calculate the frame height using the below formula.

Road Bike – leg inseam (cm) * 0.66 = Your Frame Size

Mountain Bike – leg inseam (cm) * 0.77 = Your Frame Size

Or check the table below…





75 cm

50 cm

15'' - 16''

5'0'' - 5'3''

76 cm

51 cm

15'' - 16''

5'4'' - 5'6''

77 cm

52 cm

15'' - 16''

5'4'' - 5'6''

78 cm

52 cm

16'' - 17''

5'4'' - 5'6''

79 cm

53 cm

16'' - 17''

5'7'' - 5'9''

80 cm

54 cm

16'' - 17''

5'7'' - 5'9''

81 cm

54 cm

17'' - 18''

5'7'' - 5'9''

82 cm

55 cm

17'' - 18''

5'10'' - 5'11''

83 cm

56 cm

18'' - 19''

5'10'' - 5'11''

84 cm

56 cm

18'' - 19''

5'10'' - 5'11''

85 cm

57 cm

20'' - 21''

5'10'' - 5'11''

86 cm

58 cm

20'' - 21''

6'0'' - 6'2''

87 cm

58 cm

20'' - 21''

6'0'' - 6'2''

88 cm

59 cm

20'' - 21''

6'0'' - 6'2''

89 cm

60 cm

20'' - 21''

Over 6'3''

90 cm

62 cm
22'' - 22''

Over 6'3''


One odd fact is that frame sizes are designed on the basis of seat tube length. It is odd because the measurement of the top tube is equally important. Different manufacture offers different top tube lengths to the seat tube lengths ratios, depending upon their own preferences.

Here the trick is to see if you have a suitable ball clearance over the top tube when your feet are on the ground. Then when you start out and scooch up onto the seat, on the bottom of the pedal stroke, your knee should be just about straight and fully extended but not so much that your knee locks.


The next is the drop and reach to the bars… Make sure is it within your comfort zone as it is a really important determinant of your frame size.

The reach is the distance between the tip of the saddle and the handlebar. If it is too long you’ll find that it puts loads of pressure on your lower back. And also on your neck, shoulder that has to rotate in order to adjust the extra length.


If you are planning to buy a bicycle offline by visiting a shop then, a test ride is the best way to pick a bicycle, because apart from the seat tube and top tube length, geometry plays a huge role in how a bicycle feels to ride.


The idea of buying a  bicycle is completely independent, but yes at times discussions and pieces of information are helpful in deciding the right track!!!

Hopefully now by understanding the very minute detailing about bicycles and all the related factors you will be able to buy a perfect size bicycle for you. I hope this article will be helpful to you. Please give you valuable feedback in the comment section.

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