Why I Sweat More From My Feet And Hands? Hyperhidrosis|Remedies

Excessive Sweating From Feet and Hands needs serious and focused handling. It will not go away if you think that it is something that can be ignored. You need to treat it.
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Well Well Well… We are on the same boat…It is called hyperhidrosis and it is very annoying which you know.

Some folks like you and me sweat more from the palm of hands and legs not only on hot days but also in Christmas times. And you will surely turn into Niagra falls if indulged in some strenuous activity. It is not a disease but a medical condition known as Hyperhydrosis. It occurs at the time of puberty and may result when present in the family. There is nothing to worry about hyperhidrosis as it will not harm you but most of the time will make you uncomfortable and embarrass you in front of people in a social event or meeting.

In Hyperhidrosis you sweat not only from the palm of hands and legs but also from your forehead, armpit and etc. Now how do you come to know whether you sweat more because in humid conditions everyone sweats? Let me tell you about a small activity that will ensure you about hyperhidrosis.

Do You Really Sweat More?

Sweating is humid or hot conditions is normal our body in such conditions sweats to cool itself. Beyond this skin is the largest excretory organ of our body which excretes nitrogenous waste along with sweat outside the body. Thus to ensure whether you are sweating excessively or not perform the following activity.

Tightly close your fist for 10-15mins ensure there is no air gap. After 10-15mins insert a finger inside the fist and then try to remove it. If due to lubrication provided by the sweat your finger comes easily out then you the unlucky one. But if the finger comes out without any sweat on it and after applying comparatively greater force then you are not suffering from hyperhidrosis.

Activities You Should Avoid To Allay Your Misery

There is no way you can make it go away so why not learn to live with it. So to alleviate your discomfort avoid the following activities.

  1. Avoid Alcoholic Beverages.
  2. Drinking too much tea/coffee or caffeine drink can make it worse.
  3. To palliate your discomfort avoid stimulants and overeating.
  4. Avoid Eating Spicy food.
  5. Take a healthy diet in small meals will allay your hardship.

Problems Caused By Excessive Sweating

  1.  There are instances when you need to greet someone. Your hands being covered with sweat may embarrass you.
  2. Excessive sweating from your foot gives an optimum environment in the shoes for the growth of bacteria that results in infections.
  3. Excessive sweating in the axial and pubic regions causes itching giving birth to infections.
  4. More than anything excessive sweating causes irritations.
  5. Excessive sweating gives you a shabby look.
  6. Sweat causes pimples on your face.
  7. There are chances where you can lose grip over the things you carry.
  8. Due to excessive sweat from leg soles, you may feel uncomfortable while walking.
  9. Excessive sweating can be a factor of rejection in the medical analysis of a job.

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Excessive Sweating


Excessive Sweating not only makes you nervous but also makes other awkward a little in communication and physical contact. As there is no permanent solution to stop it then why not find other ways to deal with it so that it makes your life somewhat easy. There is a range of remedies depending upon the degree you sweat.

Remedy 1. Take two containers of plastic large enough to fit in your stretched palms in it. Cover the containers with aluminum foil and add tap water to it. Make sure your palms are fully immersed in the water. Now build a circuit by connecting the two terminals of your battery (Strictly 9V) with the plastic containers.

Add table salt and baking soda in the container attached to the positive terminal and tap water in the container attached to the negative terminal. Once the circuit is complete the current passing through the whole circuit will close the pores of the sweat gland on your palm. Doing it for 4-5mins Twice or thrice a week will definitely help you. The above process is called Iontophoresis in medical terms.

Remedy 2. Wearing sweat pads under armpits with some powder/antiperspirants on it will allay your trouble.

Remedy 3. Using Antiperspirants having aluminum compounds as an ingredient helps in blocking the pores of sweat glands.

Remedy 4. Over anxiety and nervousness contribute to the formation and release of sweat thus controlling it will help.

Remedy 5. Doing a strenuous exercise before attending a meeting or social gathering will reduce the formation of sweat.

Remedy 6. Apply lemon on the palms, underarms, face, etc until the skin is coated in juice and then let it try. The citric acid in the lemon juice will prevent the release of sweat. It is advised to first try over a small portion of the skin before applying it, on the whole, to make sure it is safe for your skin.

Remedy 7. Doing deep breathing exercises relax the parasympathetic nervous system signaling the sweat glands to reduce its activity. Thus when in a social event you feel the sweat doing the breathing exercise will help.

Remedy 8. Applying baking soda mixed with cornstarch proves to be most effective in reducing the activity of sweat glands.

Remedy 9. Applying talcum powder on the palm of hands before meeting someone will prevent the awkward sensation when you shake hands.

Remedy 11. Changing and adding some new habits in your lifestyle will surely help like wear deodorants, shave your armpits, wear clothes that breathe and avoid synthetic fabric.

Remedy 12. Wash your hands regularly with an antibacterial soap because dirt and bacteria make it worse.

Remedy 13. Keeping your self in good shape with a healthy diet and avoiding alcohol, spicy dishes, tobacco, caffeine will reduce the release of sweat from sweat glands.

Note– It is advised to avoid any type of injections for reducing sweat formation as it can disturb the balance of your bodily processes. If you are not able to ameliorate your discomfort then it is recommended to visit a doctor.


Thus to sum up all I can say doctors have many tablets or processes to ameliorate your pain but it may have some side effects. Thus finding out the most effective remedy that works for you and start to live with it is the only possible solution.

I hope this article was helpful to you. Heatlhamino will emerge as a one-stop destination for all your problems. Please give your feedback in the comment section.

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