Burning Sensation At Tip Of My Finger Nails

Experiencing a burning sensation at the tip of fingernails, read here home remedies to calm the burning sensation of your fingernails.

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Why My Fingernails Are Burning?

There are various types of fingernails infections, the most common being finger parenthesis, peripheral neuropathy, etc.

Finger parenthesis is the most commonly seen fingernail infection. It is a condition in which you feel a burning sensation, pricking, or Itching in your fingernails.

The other less known factor causing a fingernail burning sensation is the spicy things you handle with your bare handles while eating, cooking, or handling them.

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How Does Spicy Food Causes Burning Sensation In Fingernails?

The answer lies in the fact that spicy foods excite the skin receptors that typically respond to heat. And those receptors are pain fibers tingling or causing a burning sensation in your fingernails.

Everyone has different types of skin, some skins are more sensitive than others. Many foods especially chilies, bell peppers, onions, ginger, mustard seeds, tomatoes, lemons have capsaicin and other acids that can cause skin irritation.

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Other Causes Include

  1. Bigger Fingernails sometimes curves and pierces into the skin causing a wound. The slightest contact of the wound with spicy food will cause a burning sensation.
  2. When cutting your nails with a cutter, might give you a wound unknowingly. This then causes tingling.
  3. Handling abrasive materials with bare hands might cut your finger, which then causes a burning sensation.


  1. Always wear gloves while handling spicy foods.
  2. Wash your hands thoroughly after handling abrasive materials.
  3. Avoid cutting your nails with your teeth.
  4. It is recommended to have a manicure-pedicure session regularly.
  5. Cut the curves of nails carefully that tend to pierce the skin.

Home Remedies to Deal With Burning Sensation In Fingernails

Here are some easy home remedies to soothe your stinging fingernails after they have encountered the effect of chilies.

1. Milk

Grab some milk from the refrigerator and soak your fingernails in it. Let your fingers soak in the milk for 1-2mins Milk is acidic and breaks down the capsaicin in the chilies or peppers, which causes a burning sensation in fingernails.

2. Vinegar

White Vinegar is acidic in nature and it helps in neutralizing the alkalinity of pepper or chilly soothing the burning sensation of your finger.

3. Olive Oil

Rub a tablespoon of olive oil all over your hands for about a minute, then wash them with soap and water.

4. Cold Water

Put your fingernails in icy water and let them soak there for 5-10mins. This will revive the burning sensation of your fingernails to some extend.

What Is Finger Paresthesia?

Finger Paresthesia is an abnormal condition in which one feels numbness, tickling, or pricking in fingers. The ‘Pins and Needles’ is the most commonly caused by something falling asleep i.e., not getting enough blood due to suppression of blood vessels or neurons.

For How Much Time Finger Paresthesia Lasts?

The Duration of Finger Paresthesia varies widely. For instance, paresthesia caused by holding the arm in one position for a long time fades away quickly. But if the paresthesia is caused by nerve damage then medical attention is needed or else it can worsen with time.

Causes Of Paresthesia

  1. Pressure on nerve cells.
  2. Reduced blood supply.
  3. Underactive thyroid.
  4. Nerve damage.
  5. Muscle atrophy.
  6. Diabetes.

How Finger Paresthesia Is Different from Finger Burning Sensation?

Paresthesia can be described in many different ways including numbness, tickling, etc. It may or may not be accompanied by pain. The other symptoms of finger paresthesia include anxiety, feeling cold fingers, irritability, itchiness, pain especially in arms and hands, rash, and sensitivity. Some life-threatening symptoms of finger paresthesia are discoloration of fingers, shortness inbreathe, weakness, drooping of the face, stiffness of the neck, frequent urination. Observing such symptoms one must run to a doctor.

On the other hand, a burning sensation at the tip of the fingernail may last for 1-2 days. It is mainly caused by the irritation of the skin and is not a big reason to worry about. If the burning sensation does not fade away, it is recommended to visit a doctor.

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