Does Increase in Fatty Weight Decreases Penis Size?

A men's penis due to excessive weight gets buried and thus appears as decrease in penis size. Check here ways to increase your penis size.

We live in a society where people though talk about health but when it comes to taking measures, they forget everything. Today obesity is declared an epidemic in many countries. The situation is going from bad to worse with every passing day, few countries after realization have started to take measures on it. You might have heard about metro stations giving free travel tickets to the passenger after doing a specified amount of situps. This tells us how much people are concerned about their health.

You are definitely here after putting on some weight, especially around the thigh area or middle area. This increase in weight might have given you a thought that why my penis is looking small. If yes, then let me burst the balloon of myths in your head. Because there is nothing to worry about.

But on the counterpart, I can promise you that losing some weight will boost your male ego. As your penis may look longer than earlier.  To know how fat affects your shaft length keep on reading…

Does Increase In Weight Reduce Your Penis Size?



Penis size varies among men and in some cases, considerable. While many men may think they have above average size penises, most fall into the normal range, as specified by experts.

A men’s penis is attached to the abdominal wall, and when due to excessive weight gain the belly expands. The penis gets buried or hidden in the fat pad.

Let us understand it, Everyone has what is known as a fat pad around the pubic area. When a man gains excessive weight the surrounding areas of the penis gather extra fat, burying the penis in the skin. Which to many appears as penis shrinkage but is actually the burying of the penis.

Thus, the relationship between weight and penis size comes down to the amount of fat in your suprapubic area.

Check HERE different exercises that you can do at home, to reduce gathered fat in the pubic area.

How Losing Weight Will Give You A Large Penis Comparatively?

Hold on, before you get startled at reading the heading, let me make it clear that though losing weight may not increase your dick length it will produce the same result as an enlarged penis may give. To Know How? keep on reading…

Good and satisfying sex is all desire about. When it comes to sex men want to have a BIG PENIS and a long-lasting time in bed. But the excessive increase in weight causes issues.

Men with excessive fat simply are unable to see their penis. As the belly so much expanded that their penis gets hidden behind the belly. The excessive growth of flesh around the pubic area can also cause severe INFECTIONS. All these are serious conditions and one must pay attention to them.

Thus losing weight is the way to improve your penis condition. Some studies have shown that for every  30-50 pounds lost, men can expect to see one inch of added length to their dick that was earlier lost due to the excessive fat gathered in the fat pad.

How Losing Weight Will Make Your Sex Life Better?

We are very well versed with the fact that women also desire a bigger penis. But, if their partner doesn’t take their bodies and begin to gain weight, they may lose 1-2inch.

Exessive weight gain expands the belly and the fat pad around the pubic area. This causes the penis to be buried or hidden under the fat pad. And when in course of sex the fat limits the insertion of the penis up to a certain limit, as the belly and fat pad restrict it.

After you lose weight. your penis and genitals have space they need to fully get inserted. Thus increasing the extend up to which the penis inserts. This will give you a psychological boost in the bedroom, making your sex life better.

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