Do Eyes Get Deeper Due To Wearing Glasses?

Sunken eyes is a telltale sign. Before I observed sunken eyes in others and now I see it in myself. Read here how to deal with it

The human eye is considered the most sensitive part of the body owing to the greatest density of nerve fibers in the cornea. The gorgeous colors of the eyes are as intriguing as diverse. Those coupled with delicate curves and endless lashes and beautiful eyebrows are all it needs to sweep a human off his feet. Apart from being the lamp of everyone’s life. They emote, they sparkle, they laugh, they cry, they tell a story and with every look, they leave us swooning.

Spectacles/glasses are how you get a clean, comfortable, and accurate look at the world. Nowadays, Wearing glasses has turned into a fashion trend. And has become a part of the wardrobe of many. Glasses make a great fashion accessory for celebrities and common people. Researchers have mentioned that wearing glasses provides social benefits like lower threat levels and trustworthiness.

But a lot of buzzes are created among the wearers about whether wearing glasses deepens their eyes. Many claim glasses as the culprit for their sunken eyes. While a group of people denies the above. Lets us look into the matter starting from the very basic

What Are Sunken Eyes?

Sunken eyes are also known as tear troughs hollow are a result of the laxity of skin around the eyes and atrophy of fat surrounding the eyeballs. These changes are related to aging, dehydration, and lack of sleep.

The skin under your eyes is thinner as compared to the various body parts. This indicates that it is unable to retain moisture and is more prone to drying out. This delicate skin under your eye can sometimes occur dark, sunken, and hollow.

According to cosmetic surgeon Dr. Vinod Vij, “Faulty food habits, prolonged fasting, and starvations result in lack of nutrition as in severe long term illness. This leads to loss of skin fat, firmness, making skin under the eyes thin and wrinkled.

Do Wearing Glasses Responsible For Sunken/Hollow Eyes?

It is one of those hot topics on which the researchers are still not on the same page. Some say that glasses when wore for longs hours cause sunken eyes. While others defend it by saying wearing glasses reduces stress, one of the causes of sunken eyes, on eyes. We will discuss the two scenarios one by one which will make you understand both sides of the coin…Let us start then

  •  The One Cursing Glasses For Sunken/Hollow Eyes.

They say yes there many other causes (discussed below) including lack of sleep but the primary cause for sunken eyes is Light. They support their argument by saying, if a person is not able to tolerate light then he tries to save his eyes by squinting them almost shut with eyelids. This provides relief and better vision to the person.

This uncommon pressure on the eyeballs starts pushing them back into the socket in the space behind the eyes.

This intolerance of bright light is worsened by an incorrect prescription of glasses by your optometrist or you wearing poor  Zero Power Glasses for long hours.

Because of the overcorrection or under correction of eyesight by the opthalmologist, the light rays merge or get shifted behind or in front of the retina instead of on the retina. This tends the wearer of such glasses to put more pressure on the eyeballs to correct the shifted focal point for better vision.

Looking at the anatomy, the upper eyelids have muscles but the lower eyelids do not have any muscles. And therefore in the endeavor to save his eyes from the brightness and to shift the focus back on the retina, the wearer exerts more undue pressure on the lower eyelids. The skin of which does not contract back and remains stretched and rumple like the skin of a normal elbow when hands are straight.

A lot of folks say specs users develop dark parts around the eyes because of the heavy frame of specs press against the skin on those parts. Usually, the parts are two sides of the nose bridge, the place below lower lids and behind the ear lobes.

  • The One Saying Glasses Has Nothing To Do With Sunken/Hollow Eyes

They believe that wearing glasses causes sunken eyes is a myth. A lot of folks say that eyes do not get deeper or sunken when wearing eyeglasses. As eyeglasses are of corrective nature improving the visual clarity and correcting the defected eyesight, thereby preventing eye health issues like eyestrain, cataract, retinal damage, headache, macular degeneration.

Instead, they have crowned the guilty tag causing deeper eyes to faulty lifestyles, aging, dehydration, and addiction to digital services, and other causes explained below.

Now, some have also come up with an argument that it’s nothing but your brain who isn’t used to see yourself or others without glasses which makes all the difference. They supported their argument by saying it’s all about psychological/physiognomical perception. It is like the same way a person’s charisma changes when he shifts from brown to blue lenses.

When we see someone wearing glasses more than not wearing them, your brain associates that person’s face and this is why their eyes look way behind the frames. And whenever they remove their glasses, you feel as if there is something different with their eyes. This is because you aren’t used to looking at them without rims around their eyes.

The perspective is different, their eyes stand out less from the rest of the face and that may make you see them as less prominent, hence smaller. That explains why you noticed this pattern with most people whom you see wearing glasses all the time.

Of course, if the glasses are heavy enough may truly deform the eye structure. But never so much that it isn’t just about your psychological interpretation.

Researchers say wearing glasses changes the way your face appears to others. Studies have shown that people tend to see glasses wearers as more trustworthy, wiser, and even socially superior.


The proper power of specs will not increase the ambient brightness. With them on you will find that your eyes are fully open and feel comfortable even when seeing into the bright light. Therefore, with proper testing, neither your eyes would be stressed, nor they would sink.

On the other hand, a person’s eyes behind the glasses are either magnified (+power) or minified (-power) when another person sees through glasses. Or you are used to looking at them a certain way. For example, when people get a haircut different than the usual one, they may look weird to you. Because you have an internal image of them maybe with long hair or blond buzz cut.r Causes For Sunken Eyes

Causes Of Sunken Eyes

It is believed that Sunken eyes could be because of either of the three prime causes- dehydration, malnourishment, light, or tiredness. But poor lifestyle habits, dehydration, stress, Aging, weight loss, lack of sleep also play a vital role in eye hollowing. Having said that I will further try to explain to you the causes of Sunken eyes.

1. Lack Of Rest/Sleep

Living in small or big cities have developed a habit of night owls, often to entertain together, of course, do not rule out someone staying up late to work overtime, learning, etc. Staying up all night will cause eye fatigue leading to free radical eye damage, poor eye blood circulation, dull skin. This results in the hollowing of the eyes.

Life goal is not the same, but in any case, it is best to develop good habits, it should be done during day time. It is time to rest at night, this is the law of human life. The human body needs 7-8 hours of continuous sleep to repair and nourish every part of your body. The absence of sleep will make you look tired, bring dark circles around the eyes and your eyes become sunken.

2. Excessive Fatt Loss

Lossing a lot of fat in a small interval of time can make your skin snaggy and sunk. There is a pad of fat around the eye that acts as a cushion and prevents injury from the impact against orbital bones. If body fat is reduced the fat behind the eyes also thins resulting in sunken eyes.  In such cases, the veins around your eyes also become visible.

3. Dehydration

The truth is insufficient water intake is also one of the most common causes of sunken eyes. Water helps in flushing the toxins from your system and thereby reducing the amount of salt concentration in and around the eye area.

Also, hydration doesn’t mean replacing the water intake with soda or carbonated drinks. Just stick to water and natural juices without additives. Make sure you also avoid the consumption of coffee and caffeinated beverages.

4. Light

The primary cause of sunken is light. If a person is not able to tolerate light then he tries to save the eyes by squinting them almost shut with the eyelids. This provides relief and better vision to the person. The unnatural pressure on the eyeballs starts pushing it back into the socket. Behind the eyeball, there is a lot of space bordered by the brain at the back.

This intolerance to bright light is made severe by incorrectly prescribed glasses or  Wearing Zero Power Glasses. This puts more pressure on the eyeballs resulting in sunken eyes.

5. Genetics

The eyes rest in the orbits (eye sockets) and are padded by orbital fat. Their position depends on your genetics, which controls the depth of your orbits and the amount of fat around the eyeballs. In certain people with a smaller amount of fat, deeper orbit, or more prominent brow, the eye appears sunken.

6. Allergies

They might be seasonal or can occur year-round. In some cases, they are genetically acquired. You can necessary precautions to stay away from agents who cause it.

7. Make-up

The skin toxins in skincare cosmetics and skin-medicating products are a potential cause of sunken eyes. An alarming number of products contain skin harming toxins responsible for sunken eyes.

8. Aging

The skin under the eyes is very thin and delicate. As the years go by, it gets even thinner, making the blood vessels more visible in this area. And with old age, your skin losses collagen, and hence your eyes sunk.

9. Sun Exposure

Increased sun exposure can result in pigmentation of the skin’s surface and dark circles under the eyes. Prolonged exposure to sunlight produces more melanin around the eyes than usual.

Excessive melanin in the epidermis makes the skin brown that makes the eye sunken. This is why Sun Protection is crucial.

10. Cigarettes And Alcohols

They both can show up on your face leaving dark circles and sunken eyes. This is why everybody recommends making sure you don’t exaggerate with alcohol/cigarettes, so avoid smoking and drinking.

Also, these habits usually are related to standing up late at night which is badly reflected on the skin.

11. Nutritional Deficiency

Sunken eyes may also be due to improper nutrition. The solution is to start eating a healthy and nutritious diet rich in vitamins and minerals.

How To Prevent Further Deepening Of Eyes?

Many people think that the sunken eye is due to aging and is a problem that occurs after middle-aged people. But we found today a lot of young people have sunken eyes owing to the faulty lifestyles.

It is better to stop the progress of eye sinking by taking the following precautions before it’s too late…

  • Cell Phone

The cell phone is the main culprit leading to sunken eyes. The current smartphone we used to play mobiles, reading novels, etc. And some stay up all night lying down and watching maybe NetFlix. The light damages the eyes causing dizziness and eye pain resulting in sunken eyes.

Also, Read How A Switch To Online Mode Of Classes And Work Is Affecting EyeSight And What One Can Do About it HERE

  • Staring At Computer Or TV Screen

Staring at TV or computer screens for long hours may lead to myopia, astigmatism, cataract, and more. The glare of the television light reflected on the eyes is harmful and may be held responsible for sunken eyes.

So it is usually good to reduce the time of watching computer screens as well as to maintain a correct posture. Also, keep a safe distance from the TV.

  • Avoid Replacing Water and Juices With Carbonated Drinks

Start cutting down completely on all those carbonated drinks and unhealthy sugars. They do no good to you. These drinks give the illusion of hydrating you and keep you away from the essential daily intake of fluids.

  • Increased EyeSight

Keep a check on your eyesight and regularly visit an optometrist because an increased lens number puts undue pressure on the eyeballs.

Check here Signs & Symptoms That Indicate your Eyesight Changed

  • Avoid Direct Sunlight

Protect the eye from sunlight, always wear shades or  Zero Power Glasses. Invest in UV protective lenses and dark colors to avoid squinting.

Find Different Remedies to treat Sunken eyes HERE.


Personally speaking, it is a telltale sign. Before I began using glasses I observed it in others and now I see it in myself.

If it is bothering you too much, you can go for contact lenses or you can remove the specs periodically when they’re not needed. You can also give a try to the above-given remedies to treat your sunken eyes.

2 thoughts on “Do Eyes Get Deeper Due To Wearing Glasses?”

    1. Hii Vikas Sir, The cause and solution to your problem is mentioned below
      Your glasses produce a certain amount of lens power. This may be the very cause of the Minification of eyes. The larger the lens power is the higher certain side effects will be. The other is the prismatic effect that leads to your eyes appearing smaller than they actually are.
      This effect can be reduced by
      1. Reduce the distance between your cornea and the lens’s back surface.
      2. Choose a frame that is not too big for your face.
      3.Replace your glasses with contact lenses or LASIK.

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