Boiled Vs Unboiled Tomato | Which Is The Most Effective in Removing Skin Tan?

Tomato is one ingredient loaded with antioxidants and are also rich in minerals that help in removing skin tanning. The debate of boiled Vs Unboiled tomato for removing skin tanning created a buzz.

Summer season is all about coolers, vacations, and endless fun but it also brings suntan with it. Nowadays, skin tanning is a trendy fashion that is done either by artificial means or naturally by exposure to the sun rays. Though a tanned skin is desirable for some while others may hate it. And to get rid of it, the later start torturing their skin using numerous artificial products containing chemicals.

If you are looking for a natural remedy to get rid of the skin tan, just pick a tomato and start massaging your skin with it. Yes, tomato can do wonders for your skin. Moreover, you can also use Rotten Tomatoes For Removing Skin Tan.

Tomato is one ingredient loaded with antioxidants and are also super-rich in vitamins and minerals which help battle against skin tan. Lets us now move forward starting from the very basic…

How Does Working In Sun Tan Your Skin?

Sun rays give us Vitamin D which is vital for bone formation but the UV rays in it may have detrimental effects.  Depending upon the length, frequency of exposure, the intensity of sunlight, and the sensitivity of individuals concerned the sun rays have good and bad effects on the body. Dermatologist says that tanning is a response of the human body to sunlight damaging the skin.

The epidermal layer of skin contains brown pigment melanin. The melanin pigment act as a soldier protecting the skin from UV rays. The overexposure of UV rays burns the skin and may cause skin cancer. Moreover, it loosens the skin elasticity causing a person to look aged prematurely.

Thus whenever you work for long hours in the scorching sun UV rays penetrate deeper into the skin where it burns or kills cells. As a response and to further protect the skin cells, the body increases the production of Melanin. This increased secretion of Melanin causes your skin to darken for the next few hours.

That’s why it is recommended to wear a sunscreen with high SPF whenever working out in the sun.

How Tomatoes Remove Skin Tanning?

Tomatoes are robust edible red balls that are full of nutrients, Vitamin C, and antioxidants. The pore reducing, skin tightening properties of tomato makes it a versatile and popular component of problematic skin conditions. It also eliminates the chances of pimples and not to forget brightens your skin.

Tomato is rich in a powerful antioxidant and inflammatory agent called lycopene. It is a red color carotenoid responsible for giving red color to tomato and products. The physical quenching rate of lycopene and high content of potassium and vitamin C in tomatoes fights free radicals. Thus cleansing and brightening the skin. Apart, from this tomatoes also eliminates the chances of blackheads and whiteheads.

Boiled Vs Unboiled Tomato

Tomato is a rich source of photochemical lycopene which makes them red and also has an antioxidant property that helps fight various problematic skin conditions. Moreover, tomato is a natural astringent that cleanses the skin and its cooling effect rejuvenates the skin.

The debate of boiled Vs Unboiled tomato for removing skin tan created a buzz after a research has shown that the antioxidant property can be boosted up by a simple act of cooking the tomatoes.

According to the US-based Cornell University cooking the tomatoes increases the level of photochemical they contain although the percent of vitamin C drops.

As per Rui Hai Liu Cornell’s assistant professors of food science issued in the Journal of Agriculture And Food Chemistry, The research demonstrates that heat actually increases the nutritional value of tomatoes by boosting the lycopene content.

When tomato samples were heated at 88-degree Celsius for 15mins and 20mins. Vitamin C content decreased as compared with raw unboiled tomatoes. However, the lycopene content increased by 54 and 171 percent respectively.

Thus the research clearly demonstrates that boiled tomatoes have a greater content of lycopene and enhanced antioxidant properties. Hence it will be most effective for removing skin tan.

How To Apply It

Tomato is a natural astringent that cleanses the skin. Its cooling effect rejuvenates the skin. One of the easiest and safest way is to apply sliced tomatoes directly on the skin. Take the readily available tomatoes from the storage and boil it in water. Rub the sliced piece gently on the skin for 5-10mins or place the pulp on your face. Rinse your face with water after the tomato juice dries up. There are numerous ways of applying tomato on the skin like…

  •  Tomato with lemon juice.
  • Tomato with cucumber juice.
  •  Tomato with sugar cubes resting on the slice.
  •  Tomato with Yoghurt.
  • Tomato with milk.
  •  Tomato with aloe vera.
  •  Tomat with Tumeric.
  •  Tomato with Earth fuller pack.


The high content of potassium and lycopene in boiled tomatoes proves to be most effective and helps in transforming the dullest of skin.

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