Best Online Pharmacy Apps

Here are the BEST ONLINE PHARMACY APPS that will deliver pharamacy products to your door-steps within short time and with better pricing, increased access and lower transactions.

The introduction of the online model of business has brought a revolutionary change in every industry. This vague has extended to mobile-based ordering system like the prescription of medicines from online pharmacy and etc.

The introduction of online pharmacy is that which functions over the internet and deliver orders to customers on their doorstep through shipping companies. Online pharmacies have significantly increased due to growing E-commerce.

The customer considers this to be more convenient than traveling and standing in a long queue of a community drugstore. All the customer has to do is download an online pharmacy application and upload a valid prescription using the camera of smartphone and place the order.

Thus for people facing difficulties for reaching pharmacies and those living in remote areas finding it hard to locate a medical pharmacy, here are some applications that will allow getting medicines on your doorstep.


Netmeds app is given rise by Netmeds Market Place Limited, founded by Padha Company. One of the oldest medical stores since 1914 in India. This app offers the user a  complete range of medicines and over the counter(OTC) items including beauty care products, baby/mother products, diet/fitness supplements, vitamins and many more.  A discount of 15% is offered by this online pharmacy on all types of medicines, which you have ordered by uploading the prescription. The payments can be done through debit card/credit card/cash on delivery.


  1. It is easy for the user to handle this application.
  2. You can place an order from anywhere across the world for your dear ones in India.
  3. The user can track the status of his order in real-time.
  4. The app gives fast delivery within 2 or 3 days.

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This app provides a variety of features to the users and it is more than an app for doctors. It includes various ways to make your health better by booking doctors appointment, ordering medicines, scheduling a diagnostic test or having a consultation with the doctor. Apart from this one can order over 40,000 medicines with this app. Practo app has launched in more in than 100 cities across India. One has to simply upload his/her prescription using a smartphone camera and place an order.


  1. User-friendly app.
  2.  Apart from ordering medicines user can get an appointment of doctors, consult your health-related problems with a doctor via private call and chat, help users find doctors in his/her locality.
  3. The system also remembers your past orders, thus making it easy for ordering the same commodity next time.
  4. This app also has health-related articles.
  5. The user can also set medical reminders.



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Pharmeasy is one of the biggest medicine portals in India. Through this app, the user can place an order for health products,  fitness, and nutritional product, OTC products online of the brands like Patanjali, GSK, Nestle, Omron and many more. Currently, the service is available in more than 1000+ towns and cities across India.


  1. The app offers a discount of 20% on every order.
  2. the user gets a discount of 70% on health packages and tests online with no sample pickup charges.
  3. The app promises to deliver the ordered medicines within 24-48hrs.\
  4. The users can opt for a monthly refill which will ensure that the user gets his desired products every month.
  5. The user can set reminders for medications in a few easy steps.

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This app is rated as the best “Made In India” app by Apple in 2014. 1mg not only allows users to order medicines online but also gives information about the prescribed drug like treatment uses, side effects, usage recommendations, safety warnings, expert advice. Through the 1mg app, customers can order Allopathic medicines, Homeopathic pills, Ayurvedic herbs, and over counter products (OTC) health products of brands like Dabur, Himalaya, Primal, Patanjali, Baidyanath, SBL, Homeopathy, Organic India, Sri tattva, Pediasure. This online app is currently active across more than 1200 cities in India.


  1. user-friendly app and easy to use.
  2. The app suggests an alternative of the user desired medicine with the same compounds at a lower rate.
  3. The user can book lab tests and health checkups through this app.
  4. Articles regarding health tips are present for users.

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Medplus mart app is a comprehensive medical platform where you get genuine medicines and value for money. It was started in 2006 and is a reputed pharmacy network in India with more than 1500 stores in 7 states. This app not only lets you order medicines but also give info about the medicines, their alternative, precautions, and side effects.

Medplus Mart app allows you to order from the medplus stores. Once you place to order the order from the app, it will notify you when the order is ready and then you can pick up your order from the nearest Medplus stores.


  1. The app delivers the order in most cities in 6-24hrs and within 2-3 days in most other places.
  2. Through Flex-rewards programme in Medplus, the user can save up to 35%.
  3. The user can also print his/her bills anytime and anywhere.
  4. The user can set up a pill reminder

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Brown packet is a great platform for the users for placing an order of their medicines which the app promises to deliver within 2hrs and the local medical stores can join brown packet network to enhance their sales. The service is currently available in Bengaluru, Patna, and Delhi.


  1. The app is quite easy to handle, the user just has to signup using mobile no. or email id.
  2. The application let the user set reminders to take medications on time.
  3. The app offers a discount of 20%-10% in the purchase and incentives for regular customers.
  4. The user can either upload the prescription or scan the names of medicines written on white paper for placing an order.

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Going through a hectic schedule?

And finding it difficult for going to a pharmacy which is leading to skipping of medications dosage, than Heycare is one stop destination for you.

Heycare is health care designed app for providing health care solutions to the user. Apart from ordering medicines online this app also lets you set pill and vaccination reminders and book diagnostics lab test online. Currently, Heycare is operational in more than 20cities across India. The user just has to upload the prescription and place the order which will be delivered to your doorstep within 3-4 days and within 48hrs in Delhi-NCR.


  1. User-friendly app.
  2. The app has a wow feature- CARE WALLET, it provides the user a discount of 30% on the purchased medicines. The user can also send money to others via care wallet.
  3. The user can also set Vaccination reminders which will give users notification when your kid’s vaccination is due.
  4. The user can also set pill reminder and lab test can be booked online.

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If you are in Bangalore or Mumbai and finding it difficult getting medicines especially when someone is sick, then Myra medicine is your one-stop solution

Myra is a national winning pharmacy app. The app offers super fast delivery with a 20% discount on medicines. The app has 22000+ health care products like a baby, hygiene and many more.


  1. The app offers a discount of 20-35% on the purchased medicines.
  2. The app promises to deliver the placed order to your door-step within 30mins.
  3. The app is quite easy to handle or use.
  4. Payment can be done through Debit card, Credit card or COD.

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Yodawy is the best online pharmacy app in Egypt. The app facilitates you to easily order any medicines to your door from the nearest medical stores. The app has tied up with more than 500 local pharmacies for fulfilling the orders of customers. Through this app, you can receive E-prescription after visiting the doctor.


  1. The doctor deciphers the hand-written prescription after uploading it on the app.
  2. The app promises to deliver the medicines mostly within 30mins.
  3. Through this app, the users can access their medical insurance provider and if the insurance provider is part of their network then they claim on behalf of the users.


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Thus from the astronomical variety of online pharmacy application available, Healthamino has brought you the best pharmacy applications. Hence making it easy for users to choose the correct destination as per requirements and it will also help users from the other deceiving applications available on the internet.

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