Remedies, Causes For Uneven Beard On One Of The Checks

Here are the remedies to solve the issues of uneven beard and patchy facial hairs with this simple and impactful remedies
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Beards are the new six-packs. Nowadays there’s a trend of growing beards among youngsters, so we see a lot of men with some form of facial hair growth. So every man out there wants a well-groomed and thick beard.  But everyone is not blessed with being able to grow a full thick forest on the face.  And thus some of you may be facing problems in accordance with the beard as no matter how hard you might be trying, can get only a patchy beard.

With an uneven beard, I refer to the disparate thickness of facial hair growth on both the cheek. It’s not uncommon for certain areas to start growing in before others do. What you’ll typically notice is that the chin area will surpass your cheek growth. The cheek area tends to grow slower, over more time.  In this article lets learn about the causes, prevention, and home remedies to tackle the problem.

Causes Of Uneven Beard And How To Deal With Them

1. Body Symmetry

The human body is just not symmetrical the right side of your body is disparate from your left side. You can take a picture of your face and cut it down the middle. Look at both the sides you’re going to look completely different on each side. The same difference you will notice in your hairs. Sometimes your hair looks better on one side of your head than it does the other side maybe it’s thicker on one side.

How To Deal With It?

So how we deal with this first and the foremost chances are you only the one that notices. In such cases, nobody notices the difference but you’re your own worst critic. But if it bothers you that much what you can do, is let it grow to a certain point where you’re happy with the length and maybe trim to even it up to make it lot more symmetrical.

2) Injuries On Face

If you have any type of scars on your face from falling in accidents then hair doesn’t grow there. And the beard may look patchy or uneven.

How To Deal With It?

In such cases, you may have a very annoying patch in your beard. The only solution to it grows long enough beard so that it covers up and it looks pretty damn thick. For this, I advise you to stick with the beard for at least 3 months. Use a nice beard oil and keep brushing it, keep combing it in the same direction. You will definitely notice the change yourself after taking the efforts.

3) Sleeping Side Of Your Face

While there are loads of theories and scientific explanations. Most of the researchers have come down to which side of your face you sleep on. If most likely you sleep on your right side of your face than on left, the pressure and causes a bit of your facial hair to rub off on the right side. This possibly decreases the blood flow slightly that discourages the hair there to grow as quickly.

How To Deal With It?

You can flip over to the other side for a couple of weeks provided that you don’t shift back too often during the night.

4) Diet And Mental Health

Beards will grow quickly when you are relaxed and your diet is full of proteins. A healthy and well- balanced diet is key to thick facial hair. Substances like nicotine hinder your body’s ability to absorb nutrients needed for hair growth and decrease blood circulation by constricting blood vessels.

How To Deal With It?

Manage Stress in healthy ways through meditation and yoga for better results. Increase the amount of protein in your diet. Protein found in meat, fish, eggs, and nuts will help the hair grow more quickly on your face. You must incorporate Vitamin B1, B2, B12 in your diet these will for sure help in quick growth of your beard. Once the beard is grown you can trim it so that it looks more symmetrical.

5) Hereditary

The most simple and annoying cause is the characteristics passed by the parents to their offspring. Many people lose hope after trying different methods to grow a beard but fail to get the desired results. DON’T GIVE IT UP. LET IT GROW!

How To Deal With It?

In such a case, you need to keep patience and be calm. Use a nice beard oil and regularly exfoliate your face so that the hair follicle opens up.

6) Smoking

One of the noted cause is smoking. Due to smoking, your body loses the ability to absorb nutrients and it constricts the blood vessels, as a result, facial hair growth decreases.

How To Deal With It?

Avoid smoking is the only and only remedy for it.

7) Hair Fall

Abrasion of facial hairs may cause hair fall while sleeping, driving a two-wheeler due to dust particles or rubbing your face in course of washing it.

How To Deal With It?

Always cover your face while driving and try to put a soft pillow cover on your pillow, wash your face with gentle hands. This will reduce the friction and thus hair fall will be reduced.

Home Remedies To Deal With Uneven Beard

Below are some remedies that will help you fix your patchy beard

1. Exfoliate Your Face Once Per Week

Exfoliating will help to clear away dead skin cells that Amy be impeding your hair follicles from achieving their full growth. Gently massage your face (including facial hairs) with the exfoliant and then rinse it away completely with clean water and pat your face.

2. Eat Food Having Vitamins B3, B5, B7 and B9

Vitamin B promotes the growth of healthy hairs, so increasing the intake of vitamin B may help your beard grow faster and thicker.

Nuts are a great source of biotin (Vitamin B7).

Chicken, fish, beef, dairy, and avocados are rich in Vitamin B3 and B5.

Leafy greens and cereals are great sources of Vitamin B9.

3. Balanced Diet

While it may be helpful to target key vitamins, make sure you focus on eating a healthy diet that provides a wide variety of nutrients. Think of it this way- Whatever is good for your body is good for your beard.

Cut back on processed foods, excess salt, sugar, and unhealthy fats like saturated and trans fats in packed foods.

4.  A Healthy Lifestyle

Feeling good about yourself and taking care of your health is important for your self-esteem and self-image. Like a healthy diet, getting enough exercise and sleep is good for your overall health and of course for your beard health. Make sure you give 30-45mins a day of moderate to vigorous exercise.

A positive attitude can boost your energy, heighten your inner strength, inspire others, and garner for the fortitude to meet difficult challenges.

5. Get Enough Sleep

When you sleep your body regenerates lost cells and repairs damaged skin cells, which help the hair growth. It is best to get at least 8hrs of uninterrupted sleep a day.

6. Beard Oil Or Softener

Beard oil or softeners provides some benefits that keep your beard soft and hydrated encouraging faster growth.

Using Beard products will make your beard look better, no matter how fast it is growing. Avoid beard oil if you have acne otherwise, it may worsen the case.

Adding the following to your lifestyle will help you overcome your uneven beard.

1. Drink plenty of water which will keep your skin hydrated.

2. Keep your skin clean by washing it with warm water and a cleanser twice a day. A clean face encourages hair growth.

3. Avoid smoking.

4. A facial massage will increase blood circulation which will stimulate the hair follicles.

5. Avoid fast food and sweets.

5. Try to be calm and stress-free.

6. Try to eat a lot of fruits and veggies.

7. Keep a check on your ingrown hairs. Beard will not grow if you have ingrown hairs on your face.

8. Comb your hair vertically in the same direction to hide the unequal points.


Guys give your beard time to grow. It is not going to grow overnight. So the key is to have patience and keep trying. I hope the article was helpful to you. Healthamino will emerge as the one-stop destination for your various problems. Please give your valuable feedback in the comment section.

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