How To Stop Continuous Sneezing Caused The Nose Bumps?| Remedies For Nose Bumps

There is no more need to blow your nostrils. If you follow some home remedies to treat the nose bumps that causes continuous sneezing.
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If you are here then I will make sure that you find a way out of this the torture that continuous sneezing makes you go through. I have faced this problem several times and have not only consulted many doctors but tried a range of remedies. Some of those worked while others were not useful. I will like to discuss the useful ones with you that will surely help in allaying your irritation.

What Causes Pimples Inside Your Nose?

First of all, let me start with the root of your problem. We human beings directly inhale oxygen from the air through our nose. You are well equipped with the fact that the air we inhale compromises of dust particles, pollens, and different compounds. Our nose has different mucous layers and hair follicles that prevent these dust particles from entering our nostrils. And thus the dirt remains coagulated in the hair follicles of the nose. These dust particles block the pore inside the nose resulting in the formation of a pimple. Such pimples are very painful and irritating. The most annoying thing about these pimples is they don’t burst on their own for 2-3 days.

The other reason beyond this responsible for the formation of pimples is may include bacterial infection, hormonal imbalance, infected hair follicles because of nose-picking. The guys with longs hair have a habit of holding the pinch of their hair between fingers and then take the sharp ends of the hair beneath their nostrils. This action of dabbing may lead to the formation of red sores/pimples inside your nose. You are strictly advised to stop such type of activities for alleviating your trouble due to continuous sneezing.

Reaction Of Body To Such Pimples

Whenever any foreign particles like dust, pollen grains, etc enter nostrils to through them out we sneeze. A sneeze is the outburst of air from the nostrils of the nose which facilitates the removal of irritants from your nose or respiratory tract. The stubborn painful pimple in your nose is a foreign body to the brain. Thus the brain after detecting the pimple sends the impulse to the auditory nerve to remove it by sneezing. And thereafter begins a scene where the brain tries to give its best powerful sneeze to remove it but the pimple holds its position. These lead to your problem of continuous sneezing.

Problems You Face

The problems you face due to excessive sneezing may include

1. Running nose.

2. Headache.

3. Burning sensation in the nostrils.

4. Watery eyes.

5. Your nose may turn red and swollen.

6. Your throat may turn sore.

7. You may get cold and cough.

Things You Should Avoid

1. Avoid consuming any cold beverages or chilled water because in such a situation you are fragile of getting cold and cough.

2. Do not try to prick the pimple with a needle or any sharp thing.

3. Try to keep away from anything to which you are allergic.

4. Try to stay away from things that will make you sneeze.

5. Always try to cover your nose while going out.

6. Do not put anything in your nose.

7. Try to keep yourself in a warm place.

8. Avoid important meetings or social gatherings.

9. Avoid excessive blowing the nose.

10. Avoid nose-picking.

Home Remedies For Treating Continuous Sneezing

Most of you do as the title says you try to treat or find/try numerous ways to cure only excessive sneezing. But very few understand the main problem is residing in your nose, yes the pimple. You must also try to find a remedy/way to suppress the pimple inside your nose. As I m also the victim of continuous sneezing due to such pimples it made me research till the death for finding out ways to treat this stubborn pimple. Some of the remedies were quite effective which I will discuss with you. So let us get started then…

1. Steaming therapy is an effective way to deal with the pimple inside the nose. The therapy will open the pores which will allow the oil and bacteria to be released.

2. Applying warm moist compress inside the nose, if possible near to pimple, will allay your pain.

3. Apply tea tree oil diluted with coconut oil on pimple will make it burst on its own.

4. Drinking ginger tea with a small amount of turmeric powder in it will give you relief.

5. Tablets such as Wickoryl, etc will give relief from continuous sneezing.

Some other Remedies that are worth giving a try are given below…

1. Sometimes due to continuous sneezing, your nostrils get blocked in such situations using an inhaler will help you in breathing.

2. Using inhalent capsules or inhalers will alleviate your irritation caused by continuous sneezing.

3. Applying over-counter-table antibacterial acne cream may help you.

4. Applying a combination of eucalyptus oil, rosemary and peppermint oils on the pimple dries it which in turn stops your sneezing.

5. The best remedy for pimple whether inside the nose or on any other part of the body is salicylic acid. It dries the pimple thus weakening the activity caused by it.

6. Exposing the nostrils having pimple to blue or red LED light for 5-10mins of duration daily will dry the pimple thus giving you freedom from the torture.

NOTE– If while treating your pimple you develop redness or feel pain then it is recommended to see a dermatologist.


Thus it is possible to alleviate your irritation caused due to continuous sneezing because of the nose bump by the remedies given above. I hope the article was helpful to you. Please give tell me which of the remedies helped you in the comment section.

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