Treatment And Home Remedies For Pimples In And Around Upper Lip

Pimples above upper lip are very stubborn as they don't burst on their own. Here are some best remedies for treating the annoying pimples quickly.

Lips are one of the most sensitive parts of the human body having a million nerve endings. Apart from kissing lips serve a range of purposes in the human body. It is scary and annoying to see pimples on and above your lip areas or anywhere on your face. Although pimples around the mouth are very stubborn and painful. They are annoying too as they don’t pop on their own.

As you all know pimples can happen to anyone and anywhere. The skin around the lips is softer than that of the face. And because of the poor quality of attention and administration towards lips. Some unwanted guest appears on the lips increasing our trouble. Thus extra care must be taken of our lips.

What Causes Pimples Above Upper Lip?

Excess oil production, bacteria, dead skin, stress, hormonal imbalance are potential causes of acne. There are several explanations for pimples above upper lips these include…

1) Razorblade

It is more than a coincidence for men to get pimples after shaving off their mustache. If you don’t change the blades or rinse them properly after use. You could place a lot of dirt, bacteria, and all other elements that help in pimple formation above the upper lip.

2) Tweezing facial hairs

Generally, after tweezing your upper lip hairs you may get pimples in those regions. Because every time you pluck a hair from the root, a tiny wound occur inside your hair follicle, which gets infected and later result in acne.

3) Personal hygiene

One should take care of one’s body because it is the only place where you live. Keep a habit of regularly washing your face. So that all the dust particle and oil buildup (oil blocks your pores and cause pimples) will get washed off and open the clogged pores.

4) Mustache Care Products

Lots of products are available in the market for softening or growing the mustache hairs which may not suit your skin or clog the pores causing acne.

5) Medications

Medicines containing lithium or corticosteroids contribute to the formation of pimples. Thus if you take such medicines than you are prone to pimples.

6)  Scrubbing

Scrubbing to exfoliate the dry skin above the upper lip may result in the formation of pimples. As it wounds the hair follicles of those regions which get infected later forming bumps.

7) Diet

Adding a lot of oily food in your diet may be responsible for bumps or pimples. As the oil from the food contaminates in the region above your upper lip and clogs the pores leading to pimples.

8) Beauty or Lip Care Products

Most of us have small pores around our lip areas and thus using any type of comedogenic products may cause pimples. One must be sure of the expiry date of the products before using it. Otherwise, it can cause severe infections.

9) Environmental Encounters

Your facial hair collects a lot of dirt, dust, bacteria, and all other agents that clogs the pores leading to the formation of pimples.

10) Hormonal Imbalance

During Pregnancy and puberty, hormonal imbalance can cause pimples.

11) Sexually Transmitted Infections.

Oral sex, kissing, using the same utensils, or sharing lip balms can cause herpes on lips. Herpes is responsible for cold sores and pimples around the mouth.

12) Skin Type

People with oily skin are more prone to pimples even around the mouth. As oily skin attracts dust that clogs the pores on the skin.


1. Prefer face products having like olive oil or panthenols as ingredients.

2. Always clean lips after eating a greasy meal.

3. Regularly change your pillow covers and bedsheets overtime.

4. Avoid popping pimples because doing so will spread the bacteria causing more acne.

5. People with oily skin are advised to wash their faces with suitable face wash so that the oil gets washed off opening the clogged pores.

6. Men with heavy mustache and beard are advised to wash their beard and mustache with beard shampoo. The facial hairs carry dust and dirt clogging the pores causing acne.

7. Using a mustache oil or balm just after the shower gives essential nutrients to the mustache and prevents any infections.

8. Don’t be rough on your skin while trimming or shaving because applying too much pressure increases the chances of razor burn.

10. You can use a facial scrub to remove the dead skin and bring potential ingrown hairs out of hiding.

11. Always wash the razor blade with alcohol to kill the bacteria residing on the blade.

12. If you are susceptible to ingrown hairs then applying razor bump creams can prevent the formation of pimples from these ingrown hairs.

13. You can use glycolic pads on your skin. These pads help to remove oil, debris, and dead skin that can clog your pores.

14. A Diet rich in vitamin A and E, Magnesium, zinc is good for healthy skin. At the same time avoid drinking too much caffeine and drink plenty of water.

Different Things On Your Lips

Lips are the most fragile and sensitive part of the human body. Thus making them more susceptible to different kinds of pimples, acne, or cyst…




Cracks At The Corner Of Lips

When you ooze saliva, it dries at the corner of lips that become slightly infected and red.

1. Wash your lips after taking a meal.
2. Apply petroleum jelly or coconut oil at the corners.

Red Rings Around Lips

Running your tongue around lips removes the protective covering of oil produced naturally by skin. This dries the skin that causes painful acne.

1. Make sure that your hands are not contaminated while touching the lips.
2. Use moisturizer and avoid hanging your tongue around lips.

Bumps On Lips

1. Allergies to certain food.
2. Viral infections like herpes causes cold sores.

Use lip products having Hyaluronic acid.

Dry And Chapped Lips

1. Dehyadration
2. Spicy food.
3. Habitual licking.

1. Take adequate fluids.
2. Take vitamin B2, B9, B6 and B12.

Wrinkled Lips

1. Smoking.
2. Apart from aging excess exposure to scorching sun causes wrinkles above upper lips.

1. Softly wipe Vitamin E oil on the wrinkled areas.
2. Apply paste of honey and papaya on wrinled areas.

Discoloration Of Lips 

1. Smoking.
2. Iron Deficiency.
3. Low blood sugar level.

1. Quit Smoking 
2. Wear lip balm containing sunscreen.
3. Wipe your lips with sugared lemon.

Swollen Lips

1. Allergy Of lip products and food.
2. Bacterial or fungal infections.

1. Apply Ice on the swolle areas.
2. Use gentle moisturizing lip balm.

Black Spots On Lips

1. Excess intake of iron.
2. Too much caffiene.
3. Smoking.
4. Hyperpigmentation

1. Apply paste of milk and turmeric on lips.
2. Rub aloe vera gel on lips.

How To Get Rid Of Pimples Above Upper Lip?

Here are some tried and tested home remedies that will help you to get rid of pimples without leaving any scar.

1. Ice Cubes

Place an ice cube in a piece of cloth and gently press it against the pimple for a few seconds. It will tend to burst the pimple on its own without leaving any mark.

2. Warm Water

Just wet a cloth with warm water and place it against or dab on the pimple for a few seconds. It will turn the hardened pimple soft and tend to burst on its own.

3.  Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice besides being antibacterial and astringent, is also an antimicrobial that prevents the spread of pimples. Soak a cotton ball in the lemon juice and dab it on your pimples gently. This will squeeze the skin naturally and tend the pimple to burst on its own.

4. Toothpaste

Take some toothpaste, not the gel type but actual paste. Apply it on the pimples and wash it after 2-3hrs. The paste will dry up the pimple which will then fade on its own.

5. Clay Mask

If you are prone to stubborn zits then applying a clay mask regularly will help you to fix the zits.

6. Apple Cider Vinegar

Pour some apple cider vinegar in a dispenser. Add some water in the dispenser and shake it thoroughly. Then just dispense it on your mustache and beard. It helps you to get rid of the ingrown hair and product buildups.

7. Honey

Get some honey in a bowl add warm water to it. Soak a face towel in the bowl for 2mins. Wring the towel out and then press the towel against your pimple for 10mins. Doing this twice a day will give you better results.

8. Basil Leaves

One of the best ayurvedic remedies against pimples is basil leaves. Just crush the basil leaves and apply the juice of basil leaves on the pimples with a clean cotton ball.

9. Neem Paste

Applying neem paste on pimples causes the pimples to shrink. This is due to the natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of neem. You can also dilute it with coconut oil or olive oil before applying.

10. Olive Oil

Applying warm olive oil on pimples softens them and then the pimples burst naturally.


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