Tattoos A New Begining For Many In The Modern World

A tattoo is the oldest form of art of making Permanent or temporary mark/design on the skin and is mainly done for the sole purpose of body modifications.
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Tattoos are introduced to popular media as a design or mark of dangerous advent and trendy youth fats. Different styles of tattoos come and go but there meaning is different in Across various cultures. This practice is as old as civilization itself as the oldest was found at Peru in 6000 BCE. A tattoo is the oldest form of art of making Permanent or temporary mark/design on the skin and is mainly done for the sole purpose of body modifications. In the process of making a tattoo, pigments are inserted into the upper layer of the skin i.e., epidermal layer through little tiny pricks. The art of making tattoos is known as Tattooing.

In tattoo making a mechanized needle is used to puncture the skin injecting pigments, dyes or ink of different colors into the deep layer of skin. The needle moves up and down penetrating the skin about 3000 times per min (may vary according to different shapes of the needle) and injecting the ink in the dermal layer of skin.

Though the process seems quite simple it involves a lot of minutes of steps to be considered for preventing any mishaps. Nevertheless, there are certain issues in tattooing we will see how tattoos are giving people a reason to love their bodies again who have faced adversity.

The tattoo artist uses a hand-held machine that acts like a sewing machine and has one or more needles that pierce the skin and with every puncture, the needles insert tiny ink drops. This process is done without anesthesia may take several hours and causes a small amount of bleeding & significant pain.

Difference Between Permanent And Temporary Tattoo

A Temporary tattoo is a non-lasting design which looks like a permanent tattoo. In general, a temporary tattoo lasts between 2 days, 2 weeks to 6 months depending upon the types of ink used, skin type, location, rubbing of clothes. temporary tattoos are done with dyes, brushes, stickers.

NOTE-  before getting a temporary tattoo you should be aware of these easy checkpoints

1) Check whether the tattoos are US Food and Drug Administration Home (FDA) certified or Europe Medicine Agency (EMA) certified.

2) Check if Black Henna is used to make the pigments as the black henna contains PARAPHENYLENEDIAMINE (P.D.A) which is known for causing annoying eczema.

permanent tattoo is a long-lasting design and is generally made by using a mechanized tattoo machine which has one or more needles loaded with ink which penetrates the skin and puncturing it injects the ink particle in the dermal layer of the skin. The process may cause severe pain, discomfort and one may also bleed.

What Makes tattoo Permanent and Temporary?

Coming to the epitome, have you ever wondered how tattooing works?

A human being sheds its skin losing about 35000-40000 skin cells per hour i.e., 1 million at the end of the day. So why do you think the permanent tattoo does not gradually fade away? the answer to this is quite simple as mentioned earlier permanent tattooing involves injecting pigment deeper inside the skin than in the outer most layer which sheds. When the needles loaded with ink punctures the skin the pigments are injected into the dermis layer. The dermis layer is composed of collagen fibers, glands, and blood vessels, etc. Every time a needle penetrates the skin it causes a wound which alerts the body to begin the inflammatory process, calling the immune system cells at the wound site to begin repairing the skin. Thus this is the process responsible for making a tattoo permanent. Firstly specialized cells known as macrophages eat the foreign particles to clean up the inflammatory masses. Since the pigment particles are too big for the white cells to engulf, so the particles sit there. As the macrophages travel through the lymphatic system fully loaded with pigment some of them settle in the lymph nodes whereas others remain in the dermis. Thus the dyes remain visible making the tattoo permanent.

On the other hand, a temporary tattoo is drawn, painted or dyed with airbrushed and if penetrated with a needle, the ink is not injected that deep into the skin which then dissolves in blood within 6months.

How Are Tattoos Bringing Change In Peoples Life / Why Tattoos?

Many people around the globe make a tattoo for body modifications. Although there are some who use these for realism, hyperrealism, body reconstruction and stuff like that. Tattooing gives a new option to the people who are unfortunate enough to damage or lose their body parts in an accident or any mishaps. Tattooing makes them love their body again in which they lost interest due to any star-crossed or luckless event which may rather serve as a new beginning to their life.

The options that women have after breast cancer are horrifying and the choice at the end they are left with is Mastectomy. Most of the women after their mastectomies lose confidence and isolate themselves. They no longer look themselves the way they used to earlier and end up cursing their bodies and being frustrated and sad.

What Is Mastectomy?

It is the removal of the entire breast including the axillary tail of Spence prophylactically ( prevent disease for reoccurring)  as risk reduction procedure in high-risk patients with indications. It is done in women with breast cancer which reduces the developing of invasive cancer by 90% in the high-risk group and also decreases the chances of death due to disease.

Many of the women’s then started looking towards mastectomy tattooing or tattoo as a new way to help themselves. For some women, getting mastectomy tattooing gives them the freedom to create something beautiful and move forward overcoming all the horrors they have been facing and start fresh leading a happier life. Mastectomy is also done to hide the scars which make them remember the pain they experienced. Putting a tattoo on there is a finishing touch which distracts them from all the imperfections as they have something quite pleasuring to look at and that’s very satisfying.

Important Things You Should Consider Before Getting a Mastectomy Tattoo

  1. You should wait until surgery scars are totally healed before getting a tattoo i.e., a minimum period of 8 months after surgery.
  2. You should find a reputable and experienced tattoo artist.
  3.  Write down and explain your expectations from the tattoo to the artist.

Are Mastectomy Tattoos Safe?

The idea of injecting your body with permanent ink can always be dangerous as the ink settles in the lymph nodes which may lead to high-risk conditions. Research suggested that ink used for tattooing causes cancer but this claim still is not proven. With women’s having a lot of scars or have gone through multiple radiotherapies there is a higher risk of infections because the skin there is more vulnerable. Rarely cases of a person getting allergic reactions to tattoo ink have come up. Researchers have recommended waiting for at least 8  months after mastectomy for the surgical incisions to be fully healed. Scar areas that are still to heal completely will not absorb tattoo pigment and will become infection prone areas. Mastectomy tattoos do not interfere or have no impact on the complications of lymphedema. Signs of infections may include fever, muscle pain, Swelling around the tattoo, severe pain and redness.

Is Getting Tattoo Around Breast Area After Mastectomy Is More Painful?


After mastectomy, the nerves in the skin tissue are left numb. Thus getting a tattoo in the surgical area is less painful while on the non-surgical areas more pain, pressure, and vibrations are felt.

NOTE – It is recommended to wait for 8 months after mastectomy for the scars to heal up before getting tattoos on it.

What IS NI/PRO Or Nipple/Areola Implant?


NI/PRO OR Nipple/Areola Implant is a new option for breast cancer survivors. It is one of those options that women can look towards after their nipples are removed when a tumor is just located beneath the nipple or due to some nipple infections or after mastectomy. It is generally a 3D nipple tattooing technique. It is done to make the reconstructed breast look more like the original one. It is usually done to match the shape, size, texture, and position of the nipple.

Nipple prosthetic is another option for the women who usually are in no mood for another surgery go for nipple prosthetic. It is implanted under the first layer of skin on the breast tissue and then there will be a magnetic top that will screw into that implant. And then there will be a platinum prosthetic nipple/areola top that will have a magnet inside of it. Then this will magnetize and acts as a kind of suction cup to the breast which will give a tangible nipple prosthetic.


Breast Examination

You may know that breast cancer is the second most leading cause of death in women. Previously it was believed that breast cancer only occurs in the aging population but nows it more happening in the younger age also.They keeping saying that breast cancer is a type of cancer which is milder and 95% of breast cancer is curable but the problem is that’s only when you detect it in the early stages. There is no full proof way to neither prevent nor avoid breast cancer. Thus women are recommended to examine their breast regularly.

Women should immediately rush to doctors if they notice any of the following things

  • If you notice any lump on your breast which is not painful in some cases you should immediately report to a doctor.
  • if you see any pink or brownish discharge from your breast.
  • if you notice any discoloration of one of your breast.


How Self Examination Of Breast Is Done? 

A breast can be generally divided into four parts – Upper left and upper right, Lower left and Lowe right. Standing in the front of the mirror with your hands on waist and straight shoulder so in the mirror, you will be looking for the same size of your breast because sometimes it is said that different size of the breast is a symptom and after that see if any discoloration.

Secondly, lift your hands straight so that the whole muscles of the breast gets up so that you can now observe the breast properly. Keeping the flattened palm of the left hand on your right side breast rotate your hand from 1 quadrant to the other quadrant and then finally in the center. While rotating your hand you feel for some small nodules. Then gradually you go and check the armpit. Repeat the same process with the right hand for examining your left side breast.

NOTE- This examination should NOT be done just before periods or during periods as the breast is tender so you may get a bad result. so it’s better to do when the periods are over or in the middle of a cycle.

In women life, there are so many things to do, so much to achieve and health is something that you keep putting in the back burner all the time. The self-examination will take hardly 5 minutes and don’t be ashamed of it. We always say that looks do not matter and we don’t care about what people think but physical appearance is a matter of self-esteem in complex ways. Women want to be beautiful and they work hard for it in terms of exercise and diet. it is the moral duty of everyone to share this article with as many women as they know. So that they detect any possibility that can be life-threatening later.

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