I Have Frequent Night Falls or Discharge What Should I Do?

Here are best Home Remedies and Treatments for Nightfalls or Night Penis Liquid Discharge. Know all about the Nightfalls and its causes.
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One thing is for sure nightfalls teach males how to laundry their clothes…..

Nightfall is the involuntary discharge of semen during late night or early morning hours from the penis. The spilling of semen during sleep is quite common and normal in youngsters at puberty. According to modern science, the involuntary discharge of sperms is normal and safe which occurs because of different factors. Hormonal change is one of the main reasons for it. Nightfalls are most often seen in teenage or early adult age because sex drive is at its peak at this time in males.

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Are Excessive NightFalls Safe?

Many are craving the clarity of the scenario. You might also be here to seek the answer to the above question. But let me tell you there is still conflict in researchers about the safety/dangers of nightfalls to human health. On one hand, Modern Science has declared it a safe natural process at puberty due to hormonal changes. On another hand, some religious philosophies portray it as the loss of vital fluid from the body which is important for the efficient functioning of the brain and other body organs.

Although all the men with fully functional testis will produce sperms and might spill it during one of the nights. But if it is quite often, it is urgent attention as anything in excess is always deteriorating. If you are the one suffering from frequent nightfalls then my friend you need to fight out a way out before it creates a ruckus in your life. The frequency of nightfalls varies for every individual and is based on different factors and causes which we will discuss in the next section…

Effects Of Excessive Nightfalls

1. Physical weakness.

2. Mental weakness, irritability, dizziness.

3. Thinning of semen.

4. Less sensitive genitals.

5. Premature ejaculation.

6. It can affect your sight and cause pain in the knees.

7. In rare cases, it can lead to a burning sensation during micturition.

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Factors That Cause Nightfalls

Most of the scientific research says that it takes place due to hormonal changes when puberty strikes. The other reason being that testis in males continuously produce sperm which when gets in excess spills involuntary from the penis. Since these factors are involuntary we are completely helpless in such matters. But the other causes which are responsible for frequent nightfalls are as follows.

1. Pornography– Sex drive is one of the main reasons for nightfalls. Watching porn increases your sex drive resulting in excessive nightfalls.

2. Masturbation – Avoid excessive masturbation. If you have a habit of masturbating in a fixed pattern your body gets used to it. And if by chance you skip it, your body will release the produced semen through involuntary discharge.

3. Excessive masturbation weakens your prostate gland nerves making it less capable of controlling emotions.

4. Your unfulfilled sexual desire can leak the tank of semen.

5. Blood pressure, side effects of medicines can also cause nightfalls.

6. Excessive intake of aphrodisiacs increases your sexual desire that causes wet dreams.

7. Lethargic lifestyle, diabetes, obesity may be responsible for your leaking.

8. The generation of excess heat in your body causes involuntary discharge.

Things You Need To Avoid/Preventions/Do’s And Dont’s

There are some things you need to avoid because these then increase your sexual drive causing or the reason behind frequent nightfalls…

1. Avoid Drinking hot milk just before you go to sleep.

2. Try to avoid hot and spicy food.

3. Do not sleep on your stomach because it causes rubbing of the penis against your clothes resulting in nightfalls.

4. Avoid watching porn or anything that induces sexual desire.

5. It is recommended to get sexually excited only when you can relieve yourself.

6. Avoid thinking much about the one you desire for.

7. Avoid drinking water just before going to sleep.

Home Remedies That Will Help You In Reducing The Frequency of Nightfall

1. Leaves Of Indian Rosewood Tree

Eating 5-4 leaves of Indian rosewood trees(Dalbergia sissoo) or sacred figs (Ficus religiosa) every morning for 15-20 days will solve your problem.

2. Indian Gooseberry Powder

Add rock Sugar to Indian gooseberry powder (amla powder) and eat this mixture every day before going to bed.

3.Lemon Juice

Drinking lemon juice, bottle gourd juice, curd, every morning will help you prevent frequent nightfalls. This cools the system responsible for nightfalls.

4. Milk And Almond

Drinking Milk with almonds in it or a banana milkshake has a cooling effect on the body that helps to reduce nightfalls.

5. Raw Garlic

Eating raw garlic or onions as salads every day proves to be effective in reducing nightfalls.

6. Distracting Yourself

If unwillingly you came across thoughts that arouse sexual desire in you then at such times reading a book, listening to music proves to be helpful as it distracts you from indulging in any unwanted activity.

7. Change In Lifestyle

Adding meditation, morning walks and a balanced diet to your daily routine are effective in reducing nightfalls.

8. Taking Precautions

Force yourself to urinate before going to bed so that your urethra is cleared. Good pelvic floor exercises and proper food habits can help to cure nocturnal emission.


Apart from these, You can also give a try at the remedies given below…

1. Taking a 7-8hrs of uninterrupted sleep only will relax your body and reduce the heat generated.

2. Setting up your daily routine prevent producing heat in your body which in turn reduces nightfalls, as unnecessary heat in the body also causes the involuntary discharge of semen.

3. If you are nocturnal and have a habit of getting up late in the morning, this may be a factor responsible for wet dreams.

4. Focusing on your long-term goals or aim in life will prevent any erotic thoughts that distract you.

5. Activities like exercise and yoga allow a person to have full control of the mind by which things that arouse you sexually can be avoided.

5. If possible taking a bath before sleep is effective in reducing nightfalls.

How Many Times A Week Nightfall Is Normal?

Nocturnal emission varies in both males and females, with different factors triggering it.

The mean frequency of nightfalls in males ranges between about once thrice a week for 15years old single males. For 18years old males, about once five a week is considered normal. For married 40years old males the frequency range lies about once a month and one time per 2 months for 50 years old males.


I hope the article would have been helpful to you. But if your problem is still not solved then don’t be stressed there are many medications available in the market. Although it is advised to visit a doctor without any further delay.  Healthamino will emerge as a one-stop destination for all your problems. Please give your feedback in the comment section

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