Sudden Gaps Between My Teeth What Should I Do?| Remedies To Fill The Gap

Smile is the window to you as person. If you are annoyed and irritated by the gaps between your teeth then find here different ways to enclose the gaps without using braces..
gap between teeth

Smile is the first thing the world observes about you and yes everyone wants it to be perfect. However, if the gaps between teeth are making you uncomfortable and tight-lipped. Then I request you not to fall off as there are plenty of ways for treating those stubborn gaps between teeth.

The treatment for filling the gaps depends upon the extent of the gap between your teeth. There are many factors responsible for the gaps and also for the widening of the existing gaps between your teeth. Let us discuss that one by one…

What Causes Gaps Between Your Teeth?

Beyond hereditary and lots of other natural factors that cause these gaps between teeth, you will be amused to know that one of the main culprits responsible for the gaps between your teeth is no one but your own habits. These habits will further increase your pain by widening the existing gaps if not stopped now. There are many other causes that can be mended in different ways thus alleviating your pain…

1. Incorrect way of  Brushing Your Teeth.

2. Putting toothpicks/sharp objects in between your teeth.

3. Forcing your tongue against the gap between teeth widens the existing gap.

4. Crunching hard nuts with your teeth.

5. Thumb Sucking.

6. Nail-biting.

7. Pencil chewing.

8. Cheeks bitting.

9. Infections.

10. Overgrowth of the tissue of gums.

Some of the Natural causes include

1. Small-sized tooth.

2. Abnormal shape of the tooth.

3. Missing tooth by birth.

4. Abnormal alignment of upper and lower teeth.

5. Hereditary.

Problems One May Face Due To Gaps Between Teeth

1. One may suffer from low self-confidence.

2. One may hesitate to laugh freely.

3. You may face difficulty while brushing your teeth.

4. You may feel uncomfortable to face others.

5. You may face problems while eating.

Do’s & Don’ts

1. Always join the upper and lower teeth while brushing.

2. Avoid forcing the toothpick in your teeth.

3. Always brush your teeth gently.

4. Try to stop your habit of biting nails and cheeks.

5. Stop chewing pen/pencil.

Remedies/Treatment For Filling Gaps Between Teeth

There are less but very effective remedies for filling the gaps between teeth. I hope one of these remedies might allay your pain and increase your confidence to face others…

1.Teeth Gap Rubber Bands

The most effective remedy for enclosing the gaps between teeth is using a rubber band. It may sound weird to you but there is a type of rubber band available specially designed to close the gaps between teeth. These are available in different sizes in stores or on different online sites. Putting these rubbers on teeth for 6-5hrs daily will certainly help.

2. Teeth Sockets made from gel

These are the smalls balls of gel that molds into plastics like material when plunged into hot water. Glue this gel into the gap between your teeth using your hands. Once you have made the teeth socket pull it out of your mouth and let it cool. Once it turns white after cooling you can use it. Avoid consuming hot sizzlers while using the socket.

3. Tooth Bonding

For gaps that are a bit larger or when a person wants a quick fix, tooth bonding is mostly preferred. A special type of tooth resin is used which is then hardened resulting in the closing of the gap. This procedure is done under the supervision of dentists.

4. Dental implants

These implants are artificially made removable teeth that are made according to the gaps so that it matches your natural teeth and make the teeth alignment look perfect.

5. Dental Crowns

These are porcelain shell designed in such a way that it fits over most of your tooth, which allows them to fix the gaps made by a broken tooth.

6. Braces

This is the most time consuming and invasive process however in some cases it is the only route to the solution to your problems.

7. Retainers

Retainers are often used after removal of braces to keep the teeth in alignment while the mouth adjusts to not having braces.


Thus by changing some of your habits that contribute to the increasing gap between your teeth and choosing one of the above-given remedies will certainly help you to enclose the gaps between teeth. I hope this article was helpful to you. Healthamino will emerge as a one-stop destination for your problems. Please give your valuable feedback and related queries in the comment section.

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